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Humble Games and Crema have finally announced the Temtem release date, which will come with an update including the final island and weekly quests.

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Crema has revealed new details about Temtem Content Update 1, highlighting the Trade House, Dojo Wars, and mounts as major features.

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Pokemon is not the only monster-taming game. Here are some unique indie-made monster taming games like Pokemon to check out for yourself.



The new Temtem update 0.7.3 adds tournaments, a recreated Crema Corp office with lots of quests, and tons of quality of life options

Temtem PS5 release date cover


A Temtem PS5 release date has been revealed by the developers and you won't have to wait long to play it — this creature-catching game is coming to

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A new Temtem update has dropped. This update creates the new Temtem fishing system for the game and also focuses on fairly sizable changes to the in-

A player house in Temtem


A player housing Temtem update has been announced for the Massively multiplayer creature-collecting RPG.

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It seems like Pokemon fans without a Switch might in luck very soon, as Temtem is making its way to PS5 in 2021.

Temtem Kisiwa Update release date cover


The Temtem Kisiwa Update release date has finally been locked in, and it's a lot sooner than you might've thought: you'll be able to

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We're getting closer and closer to the Temtem Kisiwa Update, but it's not all good news for the aspiring Tamers out there — a price increas

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Today marks the newest content update that Crema, the developers of Temtem, have released for their title.

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With Pokemon-like MMO Temtem revealing its roadmap showing player housin

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The first part of the Temtem roadmap has been released and it reveals what we can expect for the future of this Pokemon-like MMO.<

TemTem 0.5.13 Update sales cover


There's some good news for the Temtem fans out there in the world — the developers have announced that it's crossed the 500,000 sales milestone.

Temtem 0.5.12 Update cover


The Temtem 0.5.12 update has arrived and it brings with it the new endgame Saipark area and several other changes.

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Games where you catch and raise monsters are almost as old as games themselves. It's like having a pet, but your cat can't exactly throw a fireball.



At every point in our childhood, we dreamed of an massively multiplayer online Pokemon title.

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In the world of Temtem, battling other tamers with the titular creatures is the meat and potatoes of the game.

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If you've been following the upcoming Pokemon-like game Temtem, you'll be happy to hear that the three starter Temtem have finally been revealed in a

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Disappointed with the state of Pokemon Sword and Shield?

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Ever since Pokemon was created, players have wondered what a living, massive open-world would look like for that type of game.



Pretty much ever since the first Pocket Monsters games hit Game Boy, kids have wanted to play them online, as I can attest from first-hand experience.