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Goats perched atop a rock in Goat Simulator 3


Just a few seconds of leaked GTA 6 footage was all it took for a recent Goat Simulator 3 ad to be hit with a DMCA takedown by Take-Two.

Three goats relaxing in Goat Simulator 3


A Goat Simulator 3 Discord bot is telling players to play the game via Steam if they want controller support, but it's an Epic exclusive.

A bustling system of roads and vehicles in Satisfactory


Satisfactory Update 7 is finally here (on the experimental branch, at least), and you'll be pleased to know Blueprints are finally available.

Three Satisfactory characters leaning on a boombox while fireworks go off to commemorate Satisfactory Update 6


Satisfactory Update 6 has finally arrived, bringing with it the overhauled Spire Coast biome, a boom box, and lots more besides.

Satisfactory Update 6 cover


New details have been revealed about Satisfactory Update 6. Big changes are coming to a region of the map, but you might have to wait a bit to play

Satisfactory Dedicated Servers SteamDB cover


Satisfactory dedicated servers are available for testing on Steam as part of a new update that brings several improvements to the game.

Satisfactory Update 4 Experimental Patch cover


Satisfactory Update 4 has launched on the Experimental Branch and gives players a ton of new features including Drones, a Hover Pack, and more.

Satisfactory Game Page

Game Page

Satisfactory is an open-world crafting game with a delightfully punny title.

Satisfactory Update 3 Patch Notes


The Satisfactory Update 3 Patch Notes have arrived and they're positively A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

satisfactory release date


The Satisfactory release date has been set for later in March 2019.

satisfactory building drone mountain


Satisfactory is the latest game under development from Coffee Stain Studios, the same people behind the classic meme-fest game Goat Simulator.

satisfactory pc gaming show e3 2018


The PC Gaming Show for E3 2018 with Sean "Day[9]" Plott and Frankie Ward introducing themselves. We got right into it with Coffee Stain Studios' 



Swedish developers Coffee Stain Studios have teased a new project, named Satisfactory, via a teaser trailer.