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Prodeus is finally out of Early Access, and it brings a fun and fulfilling boomer shooter experience you don't want to miss.

Prodeus gameplay screenshot of the player in a brightly lit orange pixelated world, decimating oncoming enemies with a machine gun, Prodeus Console Release


The Prodeus console release has been revealed, meaning fans of the bloody action PC game can now join in on the DOOM-like fun

The player engaging in some high-octane action in Prodeus


A new Prodeus update is live across all the platforms the game is on, and it adds some brand new campaign maps and a bunch of brutal new music.

Prodeus - Key Art


The 90s may have been the era of guts and gore thanks to games like Doom and Blood, but if Doom 2016 proved anything, it's that there's still room

Prodeus Key Art

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From indie developer Bounding Box Software comes Prodeus, an old school throwback to the FPS's of the 1990s. 



It's another great day for fans of 90s era first person shooters, as we have news that the highly anticipated sci-fi title Prodeus is heading to