Mass Effect Legenday Edition Key Art

The legendary trilogy returns fully remastered. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is the three games of the critically acclaimed Mass Effect trilogy, fully remastered and made for modern systems and

Dragon Age 2 Key Art

The second installment of the Dragon Age franchise, Dragon Age II follows the ten-year journey of Hawke. From a lowly refugee of the 5th blight of Ferelden to Champion of the city of Kirkwall, the

Dragon Age Origins Key Art

Play as a Gray Warden and save the kingdom of Ferelden from destruction! The first in the Dragon Age series, Dragon Age: Origins introduces the world of Thedas as a cold, dangerous place in this

Baldur's Gate 2 Logo

The sequel to the hit Baldur's Gate, Shadows of Amn continues the story of Gorion's Ward, as he battles wits with the evil elven wizard Jon Irenicus. Meet up with old and new companions and explore

Baldur's Gate Logo

Embark on an epic journey, seeped in the lore of the Forgotten Realms. Using the 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeon's and Dragon's ruleset, players must leave the confines of their home across the Sword

anthem band

The upcoming project from Bioware deviates from their past as Anthem steps away from story focused single-player RPGs, into the realm of online Action-RPG. In it, you play with up to 4 friends each


In the climax of the trilogy, Mass Effect 3 has Commander Shepard fight the invading Reaper forces. Can the Commander stop the Reaper threat, or is the galaxy doomed to be destroyed?


The second part of the acclaimed trilogy by BioWare, Mass Effect 2 has Commander Shepard fight the mysterious beings known as The Collectors, uncovering a massive plot by the Reapers that threatens


The start to the critically acclaimed trilogy by BioWare, Mass Effect has you take on the role of Commander Shepard, as you travel the Milky Way Galaxy to stop the growing threat of an ancient race