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Beat Saber PS4 Multiplayer Halloween Update cover


Beat Saber PS4 multiplayer has finally arrived for PSVR players, and a new song by Jaroslav Beck has arrived as part of a Halloween Update, too.

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Beat Saber multiplayer has arrived in a brand-new update that lets you and up to four other people play any current or future song in this VR music

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The release of the Beat Saber Linkin Park songs has started off on a sour note due to a flurry of problems — including the revelation that the game

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Beat Saber is the Guitar Hero of the virtual reality world.

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Beat Saber released originally back in May 2019, and the rhythmic virtual reality title took the world by storm.

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Beat Saber is an awesome VR game that should be in everyone's collection. However, a fairly limited official song collection keeps it from being as