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Dwarf Fortress Character Sheets cover

The shiny new Dwarf Fortress character sheets have been revealed, showing how the revamped version of this popular colony sim will tell you all about

Dwarf Fortress Roadmap cover

Bay 12 Games has outlined a rough Dwarf Fortress Roadmap for release -- and it looks like there are still several months of work to go before launch

Dwarf Fortress Work System changes cover

The Dwarf Fortress work system is getting some serious upgrades on the PC Steam version published by Kitfox Games, making it easier than ever to

Dwarf Fortress menus upgrade developer update cover

Tarn Adams took to YouTube to show off some serious upgrades to Dwarf Fortress menus for the upcoming Steam version, ultimately making the game more

Dwarf Fortress graphical update

During the Guerrilla Collective stream today, Bay 12 Games showed off Dwarf Fortress' upcoming graphics update. It will be coming to Steam and Itch

dwarf fortress header

The next major Dwarf Fortress update will integrate villains and investigations into the massive open world, as well as some corrupt dwarves. The

dwarf fortress game page

Boasting what is quite possibly the longest Early Access period in the history of gaming, Dwarf Fortress is a game about a bunch of dwarves who are

dwarf fortress steam

A Steam version of Dwarf Fortress is coming. This upcoming release from Bay 12 Games and Kitfox Games will be the same Dwarf Fortress we all know and