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The Humble Board Games Bundle by Asmodee Digital is here according to Humble Bundle.

Tabletop games are fun and a handful of them have ventured into the digital space. It's certainly nice to not have to worry about crimping any cards or getting your snacks on the game board! The Humble Board Games bundle features a variety of neat titles on both PC and Android for players to get at a great discount. Let's check 'em out!

Abalone has players trying to push their opponent's marbles over while protecting their own.

Abalone is the first game in the jam-packed Pay $1 or More tier of the Humble Board Games Bundle.  The game operates on a relatively simple premise. You can move your marbles up to three at a time. Your objective is to shove your opponent's marbles off the board. Sounds simple, right? As we all know, even the simplest games can be difficult to master. The first tier of the Humble Board Games Bundle also includes the Android version of the game Abalone - The Official Board Game.

Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small is a fan favorite in the tabletop community. It's a little bit like competitive Stardew Valley in a tabletop setting. Starting with just a hut and a handful of workers, it's your job to grow crops and raise animals to make a better farm than your opponent! You can play against a real human or against the game's A.I.

Colt Express is a game that's all about robbing a train in the Wild West. Hop aboard a moving coach and try to take them for everything they're worth, but beware - you're far from the only rootin' tootin' robber trying to walk off with a sack full of cash.

Le Havre: The Inland Port puts players in one of the strangest locations in the world - France. The port of Le Havre is a commercial juggernaut and you have the opportunity to build it up and make a ton of money. Place the correct buildings to maximize your profits and hope to goodness that you can crush your competition!

Finally, Harald: A Game of Influence is a card game that's a wee bit different than most. You're in command of your very own village filled with interesting people. Your task is to gain influence in the royal court by playing the correct cards and subverting the influence of opposing villages. The Android version of the game is also included in this tier.

Fighting Fantasy Legends pits you against dragons and sorcerers alike in the finest style of fantasy adventures.

Fighting Fantasy Legends is the first game we're covering of the Pay $8 or more tier of the Humble Board Game Bundle. Featuring involvement from legendary fantasy authors Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, Fighting Fantasy Legends has you traveling across the land with little more than your weapon and your bravado. Travel through the world of three books in an effort to build your legend! Also included in this tier is Fighting Fantasy Legends Portal, a batch of additional standalone content featuring three books from Ian Livingstone.

King and Assassins plays out a classic scene from fantasy literature. An angry mob has descended on the king while he's out in public with only a handful of guards to protect him. On one side is the King and his guards trying to make it to the safety of his castle walls. On the other is the assassins, cleverly mixed into the crowd of ordinary citizens. Will you make it back alive or will your subjects exact their vengeance? The Android version Kings and Assassins: The Board Game is also part of this tier of the Humble Board Games Bundle.

Pandemic: The Board Game is certainly a doozy. This fan favorite has you and up to four other people working together in order to stop a series of diseases plaguing the earth. Can you and your compatriots succeed or is humanity doomed to its next extinction event?

Pathfinder Adventures (Our Tabletop Review) drops you into the world of Paizo's Pathfinder universe, a spiritual successor to the many worlds of Dungeons & Dragons. This card game includes over one thousand original cards as you venture out into the world to battle bad guys in this single-player experience. It's a bit RNG, but what card game isn't these days?

Small World 2 features a miniature fantasy world for players to conquer.

Continuing the offers in the Pay $8 or More tier of the Humble Board Games Bundle is Small World 2. This game lets you take command of one of six different fantasy races as you try to conquer the world. You only have so many tokens to do it with and eventually, you'll go into decline, so snatch up as much land as you can without overextending yourself so you can score the most points! Then, you get to take command of a new race and cause even more havoc in the world. This tier also included the Android version of the game.

Splendor (Our Tabletop Review) has you taking on the role of a merchant in the Renaissance. Not much has changed about being rich in the last few centuries; those with money can make more of it by investing wisely. Purchase mines, artisans, and methods of transportation to expand your personal commercial network and become the wealthiest man of the day! You can play this solo or with 2 to 4 other players.  The Android version of the game is also included in this tier but it only supports local multiplayer.

Finally, Twilight Struggle features a situation that was scarily familiar to people who grew up in the Cold War. A number of superpowers are vying for control of the world and trying to exert their influence. Based on actual events in history, take command of either the US or USSR and try to change how everything played out!

As always, paying $1 or more will net you a bonus coupon for 10% off your first month of Humble Monthly. The Humble Board Games Bundle will be around until Tuesday, December 11, 2018, at around 2:00 PM. If even a couple of these board games interest you, you'd be nuts not to pick this up - head on over to the page for the Humble Board Games Bundle and pick it up before it's too late!

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What do you think of the games included in the Humble Board Games Bundle? Are there any particularly interesting titles that catch your eye? Let us know in the comments below!

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