The Steam Halloween Sale 2019 is Here

Published: October 29, 2019 11:30 AM /


Steam Halloween Sale 2019 Logo

The Steam Halloween Sale 2019 is here! This year's sale doesn't just highlight a bunch of spooky games — it also puts a spotlight on special in-game events for players to enjoy.

Once again, Valve is back with discounts for the Steam Halloween Sale 2019. Although there is no special sitewide minigame as there has been with some of Steam's other sales, this year's edition of the Halloween Sale makes a point of highlighting which games (whether they're spooky or not) are running special in-game events.

Steam Halloween Sale 2019 Vampyr

A Selection of Picks in the Steam Halloween Sale 2019

As we often do, here is a selection of neat games that we think are well worth picking up during the Steam Halloween Sale 2019!

Killing Floor 2

$14.99 (50% off) — Our Preview

London has fallen and Gerard Butler is nowhere to be found. After the Horzine corporation's experiments with genetically-engineered troops goes awry, civilization is falling apart. It's up to a crack squad of mercenaries to fend off the hordes of mutated enemies utilizing the latest in weapons technology! Team up with five other people in this tactical first-person shooter as you try your darndest to survive!

March of the Living

$5.99 (60% off)

March of the Living is thematically similar to games like Faster Than Light. You begin in a place that's far away from a safe haven, surrounded on all sides by deadly enemies. Collect supplies and allies and continue your march to the last bastion of civilization in the world!


$0.74 (75% off) — Our Coverage Club

A little girl is lost in the forest with only a torch on a monument giving her light. Shadows emerge, and you quickly learn that light is the only thing that keeps them away. The torch goes out after the first night, leaving you to fend for yourself in a spooky fantasy world where you are one of the few good people remaining. Can you survive the darkness? Find out in Neverliria! You'd be nuts not to pick it up for less than a buck.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

$29.99 (50% off) — Our Review

Resident Evil 2 is one of the pinnacles of the survival horror genre, and this remake brings it into the HD generation! Play through two separate campaigns as Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield as you attempt to uncover the mystery of Raccoon City while staying alive.


$16.99 (50% off) — Our Review

In Vampyr, you take on the role of a doctor who cares very much about his patients. Unfortunately, you are also a vampire, and that puts you in quite the moral quandary. Killing them will grow your power, but it will also weigh on your conscience — can you decide who lives and who dies?

These are far from the only good deals you can get — make sure to check out the Steam Halloween Sale 2019 and see what else is up for grabs! The Steam Halloween Sale 2019 ends on November 1, 2019, at 1:00 PM Eastern.

What do you think of the games we highlighted for the Steam Halloween Sale 2019? Do you have any particular favorites that are on sale right now? Let us know in the comments below!