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The end of the year is here, so it's time for folks like us to create impossible lists ranking the hundreds of games worthy of attention this year. Thankfully, all you readers have to do is figure out what games you missed in 2017 and buy them at a significant discount. GOG is back again with their annual GOG Winter Sale, including a new crop of GOG Connect titles, a free giveaway, mystery game grab bags, and all the discounts you could possibly want.

First, the fun stuff you can get for free. Everyone who visits during the GOG Winter Sale has the chance to pick up a free copy of Grim Fandango: Remastered. This classic LucasArts adventure game was scored an 8.5/10 upon release by our reviewer, standing up to the test of time and well worth the low price of Free. If you're a Steam collector, you'll be happy to add the following titles to your DRM-Free library via GOG Connect, the service that lets you fully own the games you've purchased.

Rogue Wizards
Rogue Wizards is one of the titles you'll be able to grab DRM-Free if you already own it on Steam

If the free stuff isn't enough, the stewards of the GOG Winter Sale wants to be sure that opening your wallet is as enjoyable as possible. Spending $15 or more on the sale will net you a free copy of Hard West, a turn-based strategic western with a supernatural twist. If you go further and spend $40, you'll also receive Masters of Orion, an award-winning 4X strategy title set in the stars. Speaking of, if you don't know what to pick from the deals below, you can always just purchase a star on the homepage, which will get you a random game for $3 and count towards these stretch goals.

Unsurprisingly, the burning hearth in the center of everything is the sale itself, featuring over 900 deals across the entire store. We've combed through the offerings to suggest the best games and deepest cuts. Scroll through the list and you're sure to find something to enjoy this holiday season.

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