Stardock Announces The "Colonize The Universe" Bundle

Published: July 24, 2018 4:22 PM /


Offworld Trading Company Jupiter's Forge

Today Stardock has announced a new bundle allowing fans of space exploration to find new worlds and leave their mark across the galaxy. The bundle aptly titled Colonize the Universe, will include Steam codes for RimWorld, Planetbase, Galactic Civilizations III, and Offworld Trading Company.

Each of these titles will offer players a different approach to their time in space. For fans wanting a story-driven game then Rimworld will put them in the shoes of survivors from a crashed space liner. You'll need to keep an eye on your colonist's mood, needs, and more as you work to develop your resources while fighting back anything trying to reduce your numbers.

Planetbase lets the inner city planner in all of us run wild, starting as a landing pod you expand your new settlement adding sick bays, power collectors, airlocks and more. Hire workers to try to build yourself a successful development on each of the four worlds available.

For fans of 4X style turn based strategy games you can take control of the Terran Alliance as they leave Earth on their crusade in Galactic Civilization 3. This title picks up 10 years after the events of Galactic Civilization 2 but will fill in players new to the world of the story as well as the hex-based combat.

Last and certainly not least is Offworld Trading Company a Mars-based RTS. As the game begins you see the map with each of the resources that each of the four trading companies owns before you pick one and land on the planet. From there it's up to you to capture the hex spaces and each of the 13 resources that they could represent. With supply and demand fluctuating you need to make decisions to maximize your resources and control over the map.

Be sure to check out the Colonize the Universe deal over at Stardock and pick up all of these titles for $39.99 instead of their regular $105 price tag. This sale will continue until the 21st of August at 1:00 PM ET so while there's no rush you also don't want to miss out.

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What do you think of the games available in this deal? Are you planning on picking up any of these? Can you recommend any of them?

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