Square Enix Publisher Week Brings Up to 90% Discounts to the Humble Store

Published: March 5, 2019 9:24 AM /


humble bundle square enix publisher week

The Humble Bundle Square Enix Publisher Week is here! Square Enix is what happens when two great Japanese companies merge and continue to produce fantastic games. They've held to their tradition of making excellent products (...mostly), and now you'll be able to pick up some of them at discounts up to 90% over at the Humble Store!

As always, we have a few suggestions for Humble Bundle's Square Enix Publisher Week! Check out our highlighted games:


Chrono Trigger ($7.49, 50% off) first came to Steam over a year ago. This is undeniably one of the classic RPGs of the 16-bit era and now you can finally (legally) play it on your PC! Unfortunately, it had some issues at launch with the port and some players still report issues, although most of them appear to be fixed. It might be worth it to deal with the occasional hiccup, though—Chrono Trigger is a fantastic game.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition ($24.99, 50% off - Our Review) is on sale as well, of course. After all, it wouldn't be a Square Enix sale without a Final Fantasy game! Plenty of other games from the Final Fantasy series are also available in this sale. Tragically, Final Fantasy IX (which is undeniably the best Final Fantasy game ever made) isn't part of this sale.

Just Cause 4 ($29.99, 50% off - Our Review ) is basically what happens when you take every '80s action movie, throw them in a blender, and huff the contents after drinking six shots of tequila. There is a bad guy. The bad guy controls an island. You must defeat the bad guy with an increasingly-ridiculous array of high-tech gadgets, many of which are explosive. It's an awful lot of fun with a wide-open sandbox! You can also grab Just Cause ($1.04, 85% off), Just Cause 2 ($2.24, 85% off), Just Cause 3 ($4.49, 85% off - Our Review), and all sorts of DLC at discounted prices.


Life is Strange - Complete Season ($3.99, 80% off - Our Review) is an adventure game where a high school girl gets time-bending superpowers after a tragic accident. While the game's writing and overall theme are occasionally divisive, the game as a whole is a wonderfully presented entertainment experience with excellent music. It's a steal at $3.99. Life is Strange: Before the Storm ($5.09, 70% off - Our Review) and Life is Strange 2: Episode 1 ($3.99, 50% off - Our Review) are also available.

Finally, if you're feeling a bit sneaky you can grab the Thief Collection ($11.24, 75% off - Our Review) is a boatload of excellent stealth games in one package. This package includes Thief, Thief GoldThief II: The Metal Age, Thief: Deadly Shadows, Thief: The Bank Heist, and a bunch of DLC for the games. If you enjoy stealth or heist games, you'd be hard-pressed to pass up this bundle of games!

You have a little over six days and some change to get some great games in Humble Bundle's Square Enix Publisher Week. Check out the sale's promo page and pick up some interesting stuff!

Disclosure: Humble Bundle works with TechRaptor for affiliate partnership, and TechRaptor earns a small commission off purchases made from some links in this article.

What do you think of Humble Bundle's Square Enix Publisher Week? What's the best game in this sale? Let us know in the comments below!

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