Sales on GTAV and Shark Cards as Update and Mod Backlash Continues

Published: June 17, 2017 7:40 AM /



What do you do when your game is subjected to a hoard of criticism because of a horrible decision on your part? Discount it! Sales galore! (But in all seriousness, the sales are just a coincidental happening due to the latest GTAV Gunrunning update).

Earlier this week Take-Two Interactive targeted popular GTA modding tool OpenIV, much to the chagrin of the modding community. Online petitions and a hoard of negative Steam reviews are all coming to a peak and amidst all these negative public reactions, capitalism chugs on and sales events continue. (I suppose we're a part of that too for writing about this).

Despite the modding issue, GTA Online is as popular as ever and sales on the game bundle and/or Shark Cards will always jump when update rolls out with new in-game vehicles. If you STILL don't have GTAV on your PC and you're thinking of picking the game up despite all the mod bashing, this weekend's sales event will save you as much as 66% off.

Grand Theft Auto V PC Deals

Grand Theft Auto Online Shark Card Deals The discounts are all brought to us by the UK-based gaming retailer GMG. Now all the deals above are available to everyone, but once clicking through you may notice a higher price at GMG unless you're a "VIP" member. Okay, a VIP membership just means you need to create a free account at GMG in order to get their best prices. A minor hoop to jump through.

The best "bang for your buck" pick above would be the Megalodon Bundle which includes the Rockstar Social digital copy of GTA V, along with a Megalodon Shark Cash Card worth $8 million in-game currency. Interestingly enough, buying the shark card separately by itself will end up costing you $12 more than the bundle, making it a moot purchase if you were planning to buy the game and the biggest in-game cash.

Note however that the bundle DOES NOT give you the two products separately, so if you want to fill up your account with a Megalodon Shark Cash Card, you have no choice buy to pay for the pricier individual card.

These discounts are only around for a limited time. GMG officially is ending the sale on Monday, June 19 at 9 AM Pacific. That gives you the weekend and part of Monday morning to purchase.

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