Prey Steam Deals Roundup: Up to 25% Off

Published: May 2, 2017 8:00 AM /



Friday, May 2 marks the release date for Bethesda's release of Prey. If you've been mulling over picking up the game near release day, there are pre-order deals floating about at various PC gaming retailers. Thus far, nothing staggering or unexpected is standing out in terms of discount for Prey (whereas for past games with poor pre-order performance will see bigger price cut).

Prey PC Deals

The online price competition for Prey features GMG, GamersGate, Bundle Stars, DLGamer, and GamesPlanet. All are authorized Bethesda distributors and thus you are supporting the developer Arkane Studios (unless of course, you'd rather wait to see how the PC port fares, given the performance of Dishonored 2).

Green Man Gaming is probably the easiest discount to get if you're in the US. A straight up 20% markdown is available once you either login or create a new account to get their best "VIP" price. Going the non-VIP way will cost you $50.99, but you might as well create an account to save a few extra bucks since GMG will need to get your email anyway.

Arguably a better deal than GMG to get is at GamesPlanet. GamesPlanet only displays prices in British Pounds but you can buy Prey from them worldwide which will cost only £34.99. That translates to about $45.30 in US Dollars, which would be a better price than GMG. That said, you may be privy to a currency conversion charge at GamesPlanet if buying in USD which could negate the extra savings compared to GMG, so it's a horse apiece.

For those curious, the copy of Prey does not seem to be region restricted - so you're good to go no matter where you reside. Conversely, Bundle Star's 12% off deal is region-locked and their copies of Prey will not activate in Russia, China, Australia, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic. If you live in Australia, there's little reason to spend the $80 to $106 AUD that Steam Store charges for the game and you should just fork over the money at either GamesPlanet or GamersGate.

Pre-order bonus

As mentioned, all retailers above are authorized by Bethesda, and with that, they include the same pre-order bonus found for full price on Steam Store - the Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack. This pack includes the Margrave Shotgun & Ammo plans, 2 Medkits, starter fabrication materials, 3 transtar neuromods, and a recycler shielding chipset. Not exactly a must-have DLC, but a welcome one.


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