Paradox Deals: Europa 4 Mandate of Heaven & Stellaris Utopia

Published: April 7, 2017 10:41 PM /



Paradox's formula of creating niche in-depth strategy games and hooking you with new DLC releases is... working well, to say the least. Two new DLCs hit the market this week with Europa Universalis IV: Mandate of Heaven and Stellaris Utopia. As with before, whenever new DLCs are released, the old content will go on sale. This is no exception this weekend with a Paradox publisher weekend sale over at Steam Store.

Having said that, your best bet is still to go with third-party digital retailers for the same Steam key at better pricing. We've round up the best places to find discounts on the new DLC and base games.

For Europa Universalis IV it's hands down GMG. There you'll find the only deal for Mandate of Heaven, a 15% price break to $16.99, and 78% off the base game plus big deals on the numerous other DLC packs. If you're starting from scratch you may be interested in the Europa Universalis IV Collection, which does not include Mandate of Heaven but does include many other game changing DLC packs like Conquest of Paradise and Wealth of Nations.

For Stellaris, the deals are happening at two different authorized retailers. The only deal online from a legitimate source for the new Utopia pack is at DLGamer with a 20% drop to $15.99. For the base game offers, head to GMG again where you can find Stellaris for only $21.79. That's the lowest price yet for Stellaris in 2017.

Europa Universalis IV: Mandate of Heaven & More Deals

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