Non-inflated GTX 1060 Price Plus More Hardware Deals

Published: June 29, 2017 5:28 PM /



Dell must have had a recent shipment of PNY video cards because they are selling these GPUs right now for their original MSRP. If you think getting a GPU at MSRP these days is rip-off, you've missed recent events.

Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, others) has exploded and so have the people building mining rigs. If you're looking to pick up a cheap GPU for a long sought after gaming build or a miner yourself, you might want to jump on these Dell offers, or expect to pay crazy prices. Amazon, NewEgg, eBay, and others have GTX 1070's on sale for about $500+ and GTX 1060's for $400+. A far cry from the ~$350 and ~$200 list price you used to be able to find them for.

If Dell doesn't suit your fancy the Walmart-owned Jet.com also has a few GPUs worth looking into. After a $20 off coupon code you can drop a white-colored Asus GTX 1060 down to $263.53 (the same GPU is at a scalper-level price of $890 at NewEgg right now). A little cheaper is a rare GTX 1050 under $100 with that same coupon only $97.55.

Dell PNY Video Card Deals

Jet Video Card Deals

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A few other hardware deals deserve honorable mention this week. Best Buy is selling a CyberPowerPC desktop for $650. While that may not seem like a crazy deal, RX 580's have also been bought up by the miners, to the point that $450 is not an uncommon price on eBay. For $650, you could sell the desktop off piece by piece for a profit.

Also on sale this week are two hot monitor deals. BuyDig has a hot coupon discount for the LG 29-inch Ultrawide FreeSync Monitor making the final total $229 whereas Amazon is $335. Going up to 1440p G-Sync will only cost you $423.53 after a huge $190 store pickup discount at Walmart for a Dell 27-inch Monitor. Limited quanities available for each.

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