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Minecraft Sale has Great Discounts on the Game and Merch

Published: May 13, 2019 3:30 PM /



One of the four horsemen of the apocalypse has arrived: a Minecraft sale is taking place. That's right, one of the biggest games in the world is actually on sale, a rarity on par with a no-hit run in Dark Souls or a game being released by EA without any microtransactions. Aside from the game itself, a whole bunch of merch is also available at some pretty great discounts!

Let's start with the blockbuster item: the game itself. Minecraft is on sale on pretty much every platform where it's available for purchase. Let's break down the different places you can grab the game during the Minecraft sale:


PC & Mac (Java Edition) ($16.95, 37% off) - Buy it direct from Mojang

Xbox One ($9.99, 50% off) - Buy it on the Microsoft Store


PlayStation 4 ($9.99, 50% off) - Buy it on the PlayStation Store

Nintendo Switch ($19.99, 33% off) - Buy it on the Nintendo eShop

iPhone ($6.99, regular price) - Buy it on iTunes


Android ($6.99, regular price) - Buy it on Google Play

Samsung Smart Fridge - We wish.


Aside from the game itself, the Minecraft sale also covers a good portion of the game's official merch. Toys, clothing, comics, and more are all available at The Official Store of Minecraft. A 25% discount will be applied at checkout, although the discount does exclude any items that happen to be on sale.

This Minecraft sale is far from the only cool thing happening for the game's 10th anniversary; you can play the classic version of the game in your browser for free right now and Microsoft has hinted at a possible AR game coming in the future. Stay tuned to minecraft.net on May 17, 2019, to see what the big reveals are!

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What do you think of the Minecraft sale? Are you going to pick up the game at a discount or is its price still too expensive for your taste? Let us know in the comments below!