Humble Bundle VR Games

Learn to Code VR Games with Humble Bundle

Published: October 31, 2019 2:45 PM /



From Iron Man to Rick and Morty, it seems like everyone and their mother are getting the VR and AR treatment these days. If you ever wondered what it takes to create the interactive games of the future, then you are in luck! Humble Bundle has released their new Learn and Play VR & AR Game Dev bundle, which gives you the perfect opportunity to dip your toes in some cutting-edge game development.

For the low price of $1.00, you can get yourself five courses and a copy of the game Insect Revolution VR on Steam. These courses allow you to develop the skills needed to create your very first 3D game in Unity. All assets are included! Not bad for just a buck! And the courses are through Zenva Academy, one of the leaders in online education with an emphasis on computer science.

Humble Bundle VR Games

Paying more than the average of $13.95 will also unlock you eight more courses and the games Panzer Panic VR and Keep Defending, which I can confirm are enjoyable romps in VR. Paying $20.00 or more unlocks everything previously mentioned in addition to 12 more Zenva Academy courses and the games Stunt Kite Masters VR and Devil and the Fairy. Altogether that’s a grand total of $1,286 worth of essential learning resources and games for inspiration.

If you unlock all the courses and games included in Humble Bundle's Learn and Play VR & AR Game Dev collection, you will go from learning the essentials in Unity to creating impressive VR and AR games that span multiple genres in no time. The courses that stand out the most to me are the ones covering the creation of first-person shooters and RPG building. Normally, those genres would be daunting to tackle, especially in a VR setting, but these courses include easy to follow instructions allowing you to quickly create your own reality.

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