It's Sonic Weekend On The Humble Store - Up To 75% Off Sonic Titles

Published: July 6, 2018 8:10 AM /


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It's Friday, so the weekend is almost upon us. This weekend's a special one, though, because the folks over at Humble Store are holding a Sonic sale.

For this weekend only, fans of the Blue Blur can grab some of his best-loved games for up to 75% off their standard price. A total of 8 games are up for grabs, from some of Sonic's earlier adventures to a couple of his most recent.

Kicking things off is retro fan-made extravaganza Sonic Mania. Rather than being developed by longtime series head honchos Team Sonic, this one was handled by Christian "Taxman" Whitehead, along with PagodaWest Games and indie studio Headcannon. Sonic Mania is a blast through some classic Sonic levels and some newly created ones, all rendered lovingly in Sega Genesis-style 2D just like the original series. We're pretty big fans of Sonic Mania, so we recommend you pick it up, especially since it's 25% off.

If you're hankering for some 3D Sonic action (hey, some people do), there's an embarrassment of riches on offer for you in the Sonic Weekend Sale. Revisit Sonic's second-ever 3D adventure (not counting Sonic 3D, of course) in Sonic Adventure 2, which you can pick up for 66% off. Take a trip down memory lane with Sonic in Sonic Generations and its Casino Night DLC, all for 75% less than standard retail price. Finally, you can get yourself up to speed with where 3D Sonic is now with Sonic Lost World and the most recent title, Sonic Forces. The former is 66% off, while Forces can be had for 50% off.

Of course, if you're a Sonic fan, that might not be enough for you. You live Sonic, breathe Sonic, sleep Sonic...and now you eat Sonic, too. That's right: there is now a Sonic curry which will turn your poop blue. Will wonders never cease?

If Sonic ain't tempting you, here's your friendly Monthly reminder. Early unlocks for the $12-a-month Humble Monthly service this month are grand strategy sim Hearts of Iron IV, naval FPS Blackwake, and action RPG Portal Knights. You'll get these three right now if you subscribe, plus a host of currently-unknown games very very shortly when the service's games unlock for the month. Act now if you want these, though, cause they don't come with next month's bundle, whatever that may be, though you only have a short time left to get this set.

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Tempted to take a trip into Sonic's past with the Humble Sonic Weekend Sale? Want to defend Sonic the Hedgehog 2006? Let us know in the comments below!

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