Humble Winter Sale 2020 Starts the Year With Awesome Savings

Humble Winter Sale 2020

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Humble Winter Sale 2020 Starts the Year With Awesome Savings

January 10, 2020

By: Robert N. Adams


The Steam Winter Sale may be long over, but you can still grab some great discounts in the Humble Winter Sale 2020!

Every year, Humble Bundle puts on a sale for their store with some pretty darn good discounts. This year is no different, and we've picked out some games to highlight that we think are worth checking out. Read on for our picks of the Humble Winter Sale 2020!

Disclosure: Humble Bundle works with TechRaptor for affiliate partnership, and TechRaptor earns a small commission off purchases made from some links in this article.

Humble Winter Sale 2020 Cook Serve Delicious 2


The Humble Winter Sale 2020 — PC Games

Unsurprisingly, the Humble Winter Sale 2020 is offering up plenty of PC games at a discount. Some of these deals are crazily good, so check out the variety of titles we've highlighted for this year's sale!

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!

$3.24 (75% off) — Our Review

The Cook, Serve, Delicious! games are based on a simple premise: you are a chef in a restaurant. An order comes in, so you have to fill it. Press keys on your keyboard or controller to prep, cook, and serve up food to your customers. Then the lunch rush hits and things get super hectic, breaking out into a crazy frenzy that you'll struggle to keep up with.

I loved the first game in the franchise, and you can get the first Cook, Serve, Delicious! as well for just $2.49, also a 75% discount. Both are worth your time!


$8.49 (50% off) — Our Review

To say that GRIS is simply a puzzle platformer would be doing this gorgeous game a disservice. Yes, you move through a 2D world and yes, you solve puzzles, but GRIS is so much more. It's like playing a painting in one of the most heartwarming tales of 2019 — and not a single word is spoken throughout. You can also get GRIS for the Nintendo Switch at the same price, but bear in mind that the Nintendo Switch version is only on sale for a week or so!

Hatoful Boyfriend

$1.99 (80% off) — Our Review

There is no shortage of dating games out there in the world, and Hatoful Boyfriend is probably one of the strangest... probably because you date birds. No, these are not weird furry bird-men or something like that. They're just birds. It's two bucks and a pretty surreal experience, so why not pick it up and check it out?

Mount & Blade: Warband

$7.99 (60% off)

With the upcoming release of Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord, there's never been a better time to get into the previous game. The fictional land of Calradia is fractured into many different kingdoms and you will be the deciding factor. Will you lead the Kingdom of Swadia to victory, or will you simply be a bandit? Will you help the Vaegirs conquer the world, or will you be content with your own little fiefdom? Maybe you'll shrug off the nobles altogether and make a kingdom of your own!


With countless hours of gameplay and more mods than you can shake an arming sword atMount & Blade: Warband is a great way to make a day disappear. You can also grab the Mount & Blade Collection for $17.99 (also at a 60% discount) and score pretty much every game released in the franchise so fare.


$4.24 (75% off) — Our Review

Continuing our unintentional cooking theme, Overcooked is one of the most intriguing couch co-op games out there. You and up to three of your friends are charged with making dishes and serving them up to customers to save the world. It's not that easy, though — some of these kitchens are crazy levels with moving platforms and other hazards! It's a boatload of fun (despite the lack of online co-op), and you can also pick up the sequel Overcooked! 2 for $14.99, a 40% discount.

Humble Winter Sale 2020 Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2 Remake

$19.79 (67% off) — Our Review

The first Resident Evil remake was pretty well-received, so of course, they followed it up with a second. With the pending release of Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil Resistance in April of this year, you might want to play catch-up and check out what you've missed. This fantastic survival horror game has you uncovering the mysteries of the T-Virus as you explore locations throughout the doomed Raccoon City. 


Rogue Legacy

$3.74 (75% off)

Rogue Legacy is a game that I always find myself coming back to. This roguelite platformer has you trying to vanquish an evil that lurks within a nearby castle. You will die. A lot. Rather than continue on as the same person, it is your descendants who will take on your legacy, working towards victory with each successive generation (despite the occasional quirk that they may be born with). It's a ton of fun and well worth it at this price!

Shadow Warrior 2

$9.99 (75% off) — Our Review

Designing functional melee combat in a first-person shooter game is really, really not easy, but the fine folks at Flying Wild Hog managed to pull it off. You are Wang. You wield a mystical sword that's pretty darn good at chopping up demons and yakuza alike. Filled with a rockin' soundtrack, tons of guns, and cool magic, Shadow Warrior 2 is a fantastic first-person shooter experience — especially at just ten bucks. Don't forget to pick up the first game, too!

Surviving Mars

$10.19 (66% off) — Our Review

In Surviving Mars, you will get the first human colonies to the red planet. Robots will lead the way, setting up necessary machinery and habitation before your first colonists move in. Then, just as things are settling in, you will uncover some kind of strange mystery that will threaten your colony. This is a good city builder in its own right, but the various mysteries make for even more varied gameplay in the end.

Humble Winter Sale 2020 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

The Humble Winter Sale 2020 — Nintendo Switch Games

In addition to the great deals on PC games in the Humble Winter Sale 2020, a good number of Nintendo Switch games are available at a discount as digital downloads. Bear in mind that these discounts only last for the next 7 days instead of the full 14 for the Humble Winter Sale 2020! Here are some of our favorites!

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition

$41.99 (31% off) — Our Review

Koei Tecmo are the masters of flashy brawler games where your hero cuts through hundreds of enemies, and they've applied that same formula to The Legend of Zelda franchise with Hyrule Warriors. Now, the Definitive Edition is out for the Nintendo Switch including all 29 playable characters and all of the previous DLC. It's a great way to spend your day!

Just Dance 2020

$25.99 (35% off)

If you want to shake your groove thing, it's hard to argue against Just Dance 2020. This has become the premier dancing game franchise, and the 2020 edition is now available at a stupidly-cheap price. We probably won't get the announcement for the next game until June 2020, so now is a really good time to pick this up!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

$41.99 (30% off) — Our Review

Do you love your family and friends? Then definitely don't buy this game, because it will make you hate them with the white-hot rage of a thousand suns. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the definitive Mario Kart experience featuring dozens of great Nintendo characters racing it out on karts, bikes, and more on vibrant, exciting tracks!

We've highlighted a fair few games this time around for the Humble Winter Sale 2020, but that's far from what's available! Check out what's on sale in the Humble Winter Sale 2020 before the deals are gone for good! You have roughly a week for the Nintendo Switch Games and about two weeks for the PC games, so don't miss out!

What do you think of the games we highlighted for the Humble Winter Sale 2020? Do you have any particular favorites in the sale? Let us know in the comments below!

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