Humble Tiny Build Bundle And Party Hard 2 Alpha

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Humble tinyBuild Bundle

For the next two weeks at Humble Bundle fans of tinyBuild's games will be able to put down some money for charity and pick up a number of their games. The charities featured in this bundle are 1UpOnCancer, Stack-Up, and Action Against Hunger although, as always, charities on the Paypal Giving Fund are all available to choose from as well. As is always with Humble Bundle you're able to pay what you want for a collection of games, at certain levels of donations though you are able to unlock different tiers with more games and other goodies.

If you donate any money between $1 and the average price (currently $7.55) then you will get Steam redeemable keys for:

  •  Divide By Sheep - It's you against the grim reaper after he sends a flood to kill all the sheep to become his friends. Guide your sheepy friends away from danger in this math puzzle game.
  • Road to Ballhalla - Navigate puzzles and mazes as you roll through all kinds of traps. It's not just about luck as some of these puzzles require you to follow instructions, move in time with rhythmic hazards, and more on your journey to victory and the gates of Ballhalla.
  • No Time To Explain Remastered - Get thrown into a dangerous world after you from the future shows up fighting a giant crab, as he is digested you take up his weapon and remember his final words... "There's no time to explain".
  • SpeedRunners - You compete against friend and foe around a 2D obstacle course with the aim to run your opponent off the end of the screen, you can use all kinds of environmental objects and weapons to speed yourself up and slow down your opponents.
  • Above $1 you will also get a 10% off Humble Monthly for any new subscribers and the original soundtrack for No Time To Explain Remastered and Divide By Sheep.
Paying between the average price and $15 rewards you with codes for:
  • Party Hard - You're just a poor guy who wants to get some sleep when others decide to throw a party over the street, so what do you do; Ask them to turn it down? Call the police with a noise complaint? or invite yourself over to kill them all? As you travel across America you come across more and more parties where you have to remain incognito while you slowly take care of everyone at the party.
  • The Final Station - This post-apocalyptic side scroller has you moving through the carriages of a train taking care of the passengers and ensuring everyone's survival. Step off the train to collect supplies but beware of the oncoming infected.
  • Clustertruck - Put your athletic skills and jumping prowess to the test as you leap from speeding truck to speeding truck. You only need to get from the start to the finish, how you get there is up to you in this first person 3D platformer.
  • Guts and Glory (Early Access) - This title tests skill and temper as you take on the role of an extremely fragile character just trying to navigate through a series of obstacles. Pass through checkpoints to save your pro
  • Punch Club Deluxe - In this boxing tycoon management game all you know is that a fighter in the ring was the one that ended your fathers life. As you play it's your goal to build yourself up as a fighter and raise in the ranks. Specialize your fighting style and show the world what you have. Play again and follow a different path to find a different outcome.
Paying more than $15 and you get The Only Traitor DLC for The Final Station and Streets of Rogue, which is currently in early access on Steam.

The highest tier of the bundle is for $39.99, if you reach that level then you pre-order Hello Neighbor and get a download link for the currently available Early Access Alpha which includes the free Pre-Alpha, and Alpha 1-4 that are currently available. Not only that but you also will gain access to digital artbooks and songs.

One final bonus of the Humble tinyBuild Bundle is that you can download the alpha build for Party Hard 2 for free. You can download DRM-free editions of the alpha for both Windows and Mac.

What do you think of the Humble tinyBuild Bundle? Are there are games that you're wanting to get from the bundle? Are there any that you would want to recommend to others?

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