The Humble Store Winter Sale Features A Story About My Uncle for Free

Published: January 11, 2019 3:20 PM /



If you missed out on Steam's recent Winter sale, Humble has got you covered with the Humble Store winter sale. There are hundreds of deals on last year's top hits and older gems if you're looking to kill some time before 2019's big releases roll in.

First, be sure to grab A Story About My Uncle for free. Originally a $12.99 title, this surreal first-person 3D platformer released in 2014. You can traverse large environments by running and using a grappling hook to overcome platforming challenges. It's also advertised as having an "emphasis on story" and being "non-violent." Plus, it's by the developers of Goat Simulator, which A Story About my Uncle couldn't be more different from.


There's also a chance to get some more "free" titles by collecting stamps. There are three stamps total, and for every $5, you get one. You can get Teslagrad for free with one stamp, and DESYNC with three, so by spending $15 you get an additional two free games.

Make sure to pop in for flash deals as well, which will continue throughout the event until its end on January 24, 2019, at 10 am Pacific.

Below, we're going to outline some of the best deals you can get during this sale. Some of these deals are just for a limited time and not the full duration of the sale, so make sure to grab them fast.


AAA Deals

monster hunter world witcher
Why not get Monster Hunter World? Why not The Witcher 3? Heck, get both!


Monster Hunter World ($39.59, 34% off – Our Review) released nearly a year ago already, but it's still captivating players for hours on end. Now is a great time to get it on PC with new upcoming content such a Monster Hunter and The Witcher 3 crossover event later this year, as well as a new, icy expansion sometime soon.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game of the Year Edition ($19.99, 60% off – Our Review) is a masterpiece, and if you haven't jumped into the Witcher universe yet, you should definitely do so now. There's so much content here for $19.99, including the Blood and Wine expansion which itself feels like another game. The world of the Witcher is vast and full of both danger and treasures, and the storytelling is top notch. While the combat feels clunky at times, it feels great to hack and slash as an overpowered Witcher.


Dark Souls III Deluxe Edition ($25.49, 70% off – Our Review) is a beautiful, dark game. Everyone knows how brutally difficult Dark Souls is, but if you haven't played it yet, don't let that intimidate you. Go in blind, explore, and immerse yourself in this morbid world. The Deluxe Edition also features all the game's DLC, which adds hours and hours of extra content.

Just Cause 4 ($47.99, 20% off – Our Review) is, as TechRaptor's Robert Scarpinito describes it, "Summer Blockbuster: The Video Game." Releasing just last month, it's already at a discounted price, but fret not: Just Cause 4 still provides the series' insane action like never before, now with insane natural disasters!

Here are some other AAA titles to check out:


Indie Deals

into the breach key art
Mechs vs. giant bugs. What's not to like?

Into the Breach ($10.04, 33% off) is a game I gushed about in our 2018 TechRaptor Awards for Indie Game of the Year, where it landed in our fourth place slot. Don't let the game's minimalist look fool you, this is a hardcore strategy game that many describe as 4D chess. Your task is to protect various civilizations from the Vek, which are essentially giant bugs. Each attack is translated before you attack. You have an arsenal of mechs that can push and pull, as well as just damage enemies. This allows you to push the Vek away into various hazards, or even have them attack each other! When it all falls into place, it feels so good. But then, it's also easy to fail miserably.

Deep Rock Galactic ($18.74, 25% off) is an early access title, but the developer's dedication to frequent updates makes it an exciting game to pop into every few weeks. Think Minecraft and Left 4 Dead with dwarves as the protagonists, and that's something like what Deep Rock Galactic has to offer. Take on dangerous mining missions in different biomes while fighting off hordes of bugs with four different character classes. There's a progression system as well as customization, including plenty of beard cosmetics.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance ($29.99, 50% 0ff – Our Review) is not a perfect game, but it scratches the historical, medieval first-person RPG that many are looking for. The game also has multiple DLC available for those yearning for extra content.

Prison Architect ($7.49, 75% off – Our Review) was just acquired by Paradox Interactive, so you may have seen the game in the headlines recently. This game challenges you to make and manage your very own prison, It includes a story mode and escape mode, as well as tons of mods in its Steam Workshop.

Here's some other Indie titles to check out:

Those are just some of the great deals you can get during the Humble Store Winter Sale. Check out the full offerings on the Humble Store, where there's plenty of other awesome discounts.

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Are you going to grab any games on the Humble Store Winter Sale? What games do you suggest people should pick up? Let us know in the comments below!