Humble Software Bundle: Maps Extravaganza Encore Helps GMs Find Their Way

Published: November 26, 2020 11:30 AM /


Humble Software Bundle: Maps Extravaganza Encore - Key

The year is drawing to a close, and if you're a GM planning on running any last-minute games, then Humble has got one hell of a deal for you. The Humble Software Bundle: Maps Extravaganza Encore offers a package featuring some of the best map-creation tools that money can buy for one hefty discount. As you can always expect from Humble, all proceeds are going to Save the Children and Game Changer, so not only are you investing in some great tools for running a game of Pathfinder, but you're also helping charity at the same time. 

In the lowest tier, you get access to a collection of dungeon maps, building floorplans, and even some monster tokens, all of which can be used with Campaign Cartographer 3. If you can manage to beat the average, you'll also unlock access to Sources Maps: Castles, a collection of realistically designed castles and keeps to use across your campaign. There's also Symbol Set 2: Fantasy Floorplans, a collection of high-detail tokens to use when constructing your own floorplans, and Source Maps: Temples, Tombs, and Catacombs, for that one game where everyone decided to play as Lara Croft for some reason. 

The upper two tiers are where the true gems can be found. If you pay more than $25 and you'll receive the Tome of Ultimate Mapping, a book designed to turn anyway into a map-creating genius. Perspectives 3 is also included and can give your maps a bit more depth with many isometric maps and tokens to use. The final part of the $25+ tier is a one-year subscription to Campaign Cartographer 3

The final $30 tier will turn that one-year subscription into a life-time subscription and includes both Dungeon Designer 3 and City Designer 3. If you've ever wanted to create your own maps for tabletop gaming and find yourself frankly fed up with using MS paint, then you should get your hand on this fantastic deal while you still can. Head over to Humble's website now to take them up on Humble Software Bundle: Maps Extravaganza Encore.

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What do you think of the latest map-making bundle from Humble? Are you excited by the prospect of a lifetime subscription to Campaign Cartographer 3? Let us know in the comment below. 

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