A shot of some of the games in the Humble Sakura Bundle

Humble Sakura Bundle Brings Winged Cloud Games Aplenty

Published: March 12, 2020 11:01 AM /



Are you looking for some new anime visual novels to occupy your time? Hoping those visual novels have foxgirls, witches, and warriors in them? You're in luck. The Humble Sakura Bundle is now live, bringing some of developer Winged Cloud's best titles together for the discerning anime VN fan. A quick note: some of these visual novels contain adult content, but you will need an uncensored patch for some of them for "mature" content. Let's take a look at what you're getting!

Humble Sakura Bundle Tier 1 - $1 or more

The first tier of the Humble Sakura Bundle contains a pretty impressive six games, all of which are visual novels. You'll get lost in an unfamiliar world in Sakura Spirit and battle a witch in Sakura AngelsSakura Fantasy sees you becoming a knight, while Sakura Beach and its sequel are sweet coming-of-age stories set on a beautiful beach. Rounding things off is Sakura MMO, in which you'll take on the role of Kotone and her MMO alter-ego Viola as they wreak havoc and have some fun.

Humble Sakura Bundle Tier 2 - $7.35 or more (at time of writing)

You're getting eight more Sakura games in the second Humble Sakura Bundle tier. These are all visual novels, too, so if you're into the first tier you know what you're getting. Become a game developer in Sakura Gamer and try your hand at space bounty hunting in Sakura Space. Try some...ahem...amateur photography in Sakura Sadist, or take on the duties of an errant Cupid in Sakura CupidSakura Magical Girls and Sakura Shrine Girls offer exactly the kind of experience you might expect from those titles. Finally, there's Sakura Agent, a sexy spy drama, and Sakura MMO 2, which carries on Viola's story from the first game. You'll also get everything from Tier 1 if you pay for this tier.

Humble Sakura Bundle Tier 3 - $10 or more

Paying $10 or more nets you a further six games including the only non-visual novel Sakura title in the Humble Sakura Bundle. Remember, you'll also get everything from tiers one and two. Sakura Dungeon is, as you might expect, a dungeon crawler with Winged Cloud's characteristic anime style. Sakura Nova revolves around a sexy knight academy, while Sakura Swim Club...well...you do the math. Sakura Gamer 2 continues Nekohime's developer adventures and Sakura Fox Adventure centers on a romance between a foxgirl and a human. Finally, there's Sakura MMO 3, which concludes Viola's adventures in the world of Asaph Online.

Whew. We make that a whopping twenty sexy anime visual novels-slash-dungeon crawlers worth a combined $214, all for just $10. Not bad, eh? Remember to also check out Humble Choice for some amazing games at ridiculously slashed prices.

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