Humble Monthly Early Unlocks for March include Earth Defense Force 4.1, Cultist Simulator and Vermintide 2

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march 2019 humble monthly early unlocks

Another month, another rich bounty from Humble Bundle's monthly subscription service. February's full game roster just got revealed and with them, the early unlocks for March also made their appearance. Subscribers of the Humble Monthly service will be able to unlock and play right away Earth Defense Force 4.1, Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Collector's Edition and Cultist Simulator.

Yakuza 0 and The Division (with its Survival DLC) were the early unlocks for February and, of course, the pedigree of both titles made many people happy. The other 8 games for this month are:

  • Sniper Elite 3 - shoot nazis in the head from a mile away.
  • Rock of Ages 2 - roll over historical figures with a giant boulder.
  • Full Metal Furies - team up with your friends and kill giant beasts.
  • Aaero - the music makes you fly (quite literally) in this racing/exploration game with an amazing soundtrack.
  • Bleed 2 - unstoppable side-scrolling action.
  • Super Daryl Deluxe - life is weird when your multidimensional school is inside a RPGvania and you have to punch your way out of it.
  • Rapture Rejects - this battle royale made by the creators of Cyanide and Happiness is the end of the world!
  • After Hours - this month's Humble original is dark. Really really dark.
As usual, Humble Bundle's selection for their subscription is top notch. All three of the games included are highly regarded even if very different in themes and gameplay. Let's have a closer look at the early unlocks for next month.

Among the trio of games, Earth Defense Force 4.1 is probably the one that captures the interest of most people. This is an action game where the players will face hordes of extraterrestrial beings in the form of giant insects, alien creatures or even kaijus. Players control a single avatar that belongs to one of the many available classes which vary in both mechanics and theme. Maybe one game you control a ranger with an arsenal of guns and explosives while the next one you will play as a mecha girl that flies around and fires purple lasers. Despite its many flaws, it's a game that wears it straightforwardness up its sleeve and it's fun for its simplicity. Additionally, the Humble Monthly offers all the currently available DLCs with the game (which is a lot).

The second game included in the early unlock set is Warhammer: Vermintide 2. Sequel to Warhammer: Vermintide, the game is pretty much an improved version of the first title. Players will team up with other people in order to complete the level's objective while slaughtering how many rat people as humanly possible. Think Left 4 Dead but during the Warhammer Fantasy End Times. What's not to love? The Collector's Edition includes some extra goodies like wallpapers, the soundtrack, one exclusive hero deed, and some cosmetic in-game stuff.

Finally, we have Cultist Simulator which is... a weird one. It's a fantastic game rich with tension, storytelling and Lovecraftian themes. It plays like a tabletop game where playing and combining certain cards, the player is able to unlock new combinations that allow them to push forward with the story. As the title of the game suggests, the point of the game is to start a cult and create havoc, but there are countless ways to achieve that goal or even a number of other goals. While the game itself is nothing short than brilliant, it might not be for everyone's tastes given its extremely peculiar style of gameplay.

If we had to judge only by the early unlocks, the Humble Monthly lineup already looks pretty damn strong. The triptych of proposed titles will keep anyone entertained for a while. At least until the full roster of games is revealed at the end of the month.

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