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Humble Launches Double Fine Presents Bundle

Published: January 15, 2019 4:47 PM /



Humble Bundle announced its newest collection of games. These titles come from Double Fine Presents, the publishing arm of Double Fine Productions that focuses exclusively on indie games. As Humble has done for years, this bundle is split into three tiers.

Pay What You Want

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The first tier costs at least $1, and it features Mountain, 140, and THOTH.

Mountain challenges the conventional definition of what it means to be a game, as there are no real controls. Instead, players watch a mountain as nature simply happens.

140 features a pulsing soundtrack that is integral to timing movement in this platformer. The colorful 2D game was developed by Jeppe Carlsen, who worked on the gameplay direction in Playdead's Limbo.

Carlsen also worked on THOTH, which presents itself as "an innovative and intense new entry in the twin-stick shooter genre." The vibrant colors and soundtrack are built to put players in a state of flow as they play.

Beat the Average

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The second tier challenges consumers to beat the average donation, which at the time of writing is $7. The two games sitting in this bracket are GNOG and Escape Goat 2.

GNOG is a colorful puzzle game that's reminiscent of puzzle boxes. Players flip switches and twist knobs, all of which come in the form of cute monster heads. The game also supports HTC Vive for those wanting a VR experience.

Escape Goat 2 puts players in a goat's shoes as they solve puzzles and platform around levels. Players also get access to a mouse familiar, adding another layer of puzzle elements as players try to escape the Stronghold.

Pay $10 or More

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The final tier asks for $10 or more, and the lineup includes Gang Beasts and Everything.

Gang Beasts is a local multiplayer party game where players control differently colored humanoids made of gelatin. Each character tries to push the others into a variety of wacky stage hazards to be the last blob standing.

Finally, Everything lets players play as, well, anything and everything. In one moment, players might control a single bacteria, but in the next, they might control an entire galaxy. The game contains insightful, philosophical voice-overs and a thoughtful musical score, asking players to think about concepts in different scopes.

The Humble Double Fine Presents Bundle will be available until Jan. 29. Every game in this bundle is only for PC, and consumers can get the games on Steam or DRM-free. For those looking for other Humble goodness, the digital storefront recently added Rapture Rejects and The Division's second expansion to their monthly subscription service or the ongoing Humble Winter Sale.

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