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Humble Jumbo Bundle 12 Now Live - DiRT 4, Project Highrise And More

Published: November 20, 2018 3:47 PM /



It's time for another Humble Bundle, and this one's huge. Humble Jumbo Bundle 12 (try saying that five times fast) collects a whole bunch o' different games from disparate genres and publishers, and as usual, you can pay what you want for some of them (as long as "what you want" is $1 or more).

If you pay just one measly dollar, you can get your hands on puzzle adventure game Pinstripe, which sees disgraced ex-minister Teddy on a mission to rescue his daughter from the sinister titular figure. Coughing up $1 will also net you randomly-generated platformer Super House of Dead Ninjas and its True Ninja Pack DLC, which adds new modes, weapons, items, and achievements to the game. Finally in the $1 tier, it's puzzle-platformer-bullet-hell-thing Rise & Shine. Paying $1 will get you all of these games, which ain't too shabby.

Next up, we have the "pay more than the average" tier. At the time of writing, the average amount stands at $4.44, but this can and will change. Paying for this tier gets you apartment building management sim Project Highrise, construction simulator...uhh...Construction Simulator 2015, and puzzler-come-cooking-title Battle Chef Brigade, which has also been featured in a past Humble Monthly bundle. You'll also get everything in the $1 tier, which - at time of writing - gets you 6 games for $4.44.

Finally, if you pony up $10, you'll get Codemasters' rally racer DiRT 4 and turn-based strategy Oriental Empires. Again, paying $10 will get you everything we've previously mentioned as well as these two games. Humble puts the total retail value of everything in the Humble Jumbo Bundle 12 at $121, and $10 is around 8% of that.

If none of that manages to tickle your fancy, then there's also this month's Humble Monthly bundle, which features Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience (both The Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes) and Cities Skylines plus the After Dark expansion as early unlocks. There's also a "Sneak Peek" of upcoming Terraria-style 2D crafting platformer Forager. As ever, a Humble Monthly subscription costs $12, with the games for this month unlocking on December 7th.

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