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Humble Indie Bundle 20 Has 7 Indie Games at a Crazy Good Discount

Published: March 6, 2019 9:20 AM /



It's that time again: the Humble Indie Bundle 20 is here and it's got seven superb games at an awesome discounted price!

Many Humble Bundle offerings in the past have had some pretty excellent games in them with hefty discounts. This particular bundle is no different, but the maximum price is certainly on the lower end of things. You'll have to spend only $10 if you want to snap up all of the games in this bundle. Read on to see which games are included!

Humble Indie Bundle 20 - Pay what you want tier

The First Tree is (somewhat appropriately) the first game in the Humble Indie Bundle 20. This has you running through the woods as a fox who is in search of her pups. Along the way, you'll discover the story of a son trying to reconnect with his father in Alaska.

Tangledeep is the kind of thing that fans of Dungeons of Dredmor would like. It combines dungeon crawlers and roguelike games into a mishmash of entertaining turn-based combat. Tangledeep Soundtrack as long as you pay $1 or more for the Humble Indie Bundle 20.

Among the Sleep - Enhanced Edition has you taking on the role of a two-year-old child who's stayed up just a little too late on one particular night. Don't let the young age of the protagonist fool you—this is very much a first-person horror adventure. You'll also get the Among the Sleep - Enhanced Edition Soundtrack regardless of how much you pay for this bundle.

Humble Indie Bundle 20 - Pay more than the average tier

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a fantastically strange game featuring a man sitting in a cauldron. Said man must navigate his way through a world filled with strange geometry. Essentially, the entire game is one long platformer puzzle with a mysterious reward at the end—can you get over it?

Tooth and Tail (Our Review) is the most adorable real-time strategy ever made, no bones about it. A revolution is underway, and the only way to survive is to make use of a bunch of cutesy forest creatures who also happen to have flamethrowers and heavy artillery. You'll also net the Tooth and Tail Soundtrack if you beat the average price.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is a dating game of a different type. You play a dad who's out to land himself another sexy dude, simple as that. It's well-regarded as far as dating simulators go, though it (understandably) may not appeal to everyone.

Humble Indie Bundle 20 - Pay $10 or more tier

Overgrowth (Our Review) is the last game in the Humble Indie Bundle 20. You play an acrobatic ninja rabbit who kicks ass left and right. The game has had a legendarily-long 9-year development cycle and has seen several updates since its 2017 launch. As with many games on this list, you can also get the Overgrowth Soundtrack provided that you pay $10 or more. With it being here in the twentieth Humble Indie bundle, it marks an interesting return to the beginning as Humble Bundle was originally founded by the developers of Overgrowth at Wolfire Games.

That's it for this bundle breakdown! $10 for 7 indie games is a pretty solid deal and there are some fine titles in this mix this time around. You can get the Humble Indie Bundle 20 right now.

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What do you think of the games in the Humble Indie Bundle 20? How do you think this bundle stacks up against previous entries in the Indie Bundle line? Let us know in the comments below!