Humble Hooked On Multiplayer Bundle Now Live - Killing Floor 2 And More

Published: July 24, 2019 9:30 AM /


humble hooked on multiplayer bundle

Grab a few friends and get ready for some superlative multiplayer gaming. The Humble Hooked On Multiplayer Bundle is now live. You can grab up to eight excellent multiplayer games for an absolute pittance. You know the drill: three tiers, more games the more you pay. Let's have a look.

Tier 1 - $1 or more

Over in tier 1, the Humble Hooked On Multiplayer Bundle is offering three games. Think of the Children is a raucous four-player bad parenting sim in which you'll need to keep the kids happy (and, preferably, alive) during trips. Arcade shooter INVERSUS Deluxe is a good deal more abstract but no less enjoyable for it. Finally, there's Death Squared, a surefire way to introduce tension into even the most trusting of relationships and a darn good puzzle game to boot.

Tier 2 - $7 or more

Three more games await you if you pay $7 or more in the Humble Hooked On Multiplayer Bundle. For a hilariously wacky take on battle royale mechanics, look no further than Totally Accurate Battlegrounds. The genre gets a 2D take in Super Animal Royale, which sees up to 64 adorably murderous animals duke it out across diverse biomes. Tier 2's final game is Barony, a multiplayer 3D roguelike with echoes of Ultima Underworld and Daggerfall. You'll also get everything in tier 1 if you pay $7 or more.

Tier 3 - $12 or more

Lastly, we have tier 3. This tier also contains everything from the previous two tiers, which means eight games for just $12. If you've not yet experienced the visceral thrills of Killing Floor 2, now is the perfect time to do so. The second tier 3 game is asymmetric multiplayer survive-'em-up Deathgarden: Bloodharvest. As the name implies, this jolly, upbeat title sees four players attempting to escape from one unstoppable Hunter.

These eight games have a combined value of $127, so if you get them all you're getting roughly 90% off. That's excellent value by anyone's standards. As ever, your proceeds will be split between the devs, Humble themselves, and the bundle's chosen charity. This time around it's ShelterBox, a charity which provides emergency shelter and tools to families stricken by disaster. This month's featured charity is Covenant House, who provide shelter, food, and immediate crisis care to homeless and at-risk youth. If you'd prefer to give to a different charity you can choose to do so.

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