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the humble cryengine bundle 2018

The Humble CRYENGINE Bundle 2018 is now available Humble Bundle has now announced..

There are quite a few interesting games available in the Humble CRYENGINE Bundle 2018, but this particular bundle has more than that; the higher tiers also offer various engine assets for the CRYENGINE and even a series of webinars for developers interested in working with the engine. Let's dive right in!

Rolling Sun is the first game in the Pay $1 or More tier. This game has you playing as a defeated Sun God who's been trapped on Earth. You must use the last remnants of your power to roll a stone across the land. Ultimately, you'll be working your way towards your rival Moon God in an effort to reclaim your powers.

Aporia: Beyond The Valley is a game that's perfect for people who like to immerse themselves in a mysterious adventure. This first-person puzzle game has you awakening in the midst of a ruined temple nearby a city that is being overtaken by the jungle. Navigate your way through the land to unravel the mystery behind who you are and what disaster befell this ancient civilization.

If you're more into spooky games, The Land of Pain might be something to whet your appetite. (The name alone makes that patently clear!) This Lovecraftian survival horror game has you fleeing from a terrifying enemy that does not stop - solve puzzles throughout the deeply unsettling world before you get hauled off to some dark abyss by an unfathomable cosmic horror.

CRYENGINE V Samples is a package of assets for the CRYENGINE. This is comprised of a number of scripting sequences including 7 video chapters, entity communication, writing to disk, and more. An additional set of assets within this package gives you the tools to get started on making your own vehicles including source files for a Hummer, tank, and helicopter alongside five video chapters.

CRYENGINE Webinar Training Videos are a series of three videos that will help you learn how to develop with the CRYENGINE. The videos focus on Entity Components, the Dynamic Response System, and Scaleform UI. These webinars should equip you with the ability to trigger dynamic events in the engine and liven up a game's HUD with dynamic text (among other things).

The Crysis Animation Pack is the final item in the Pay $1 or More tier. These package of over 300 animations from the Crysis games includes vehicles, weapons, locomotion, and numerous other FBX animation files. With these animations, you'll be able to compose or layer your animations in order to create exact copies of animations from an AAA-caliber game.

Miscreated has you running around the woods and shooting mutant creatures. So basically, every 12-year-old's wildest dreams that don't involve Scarlett Johansson.

Miscreated is the first game in the Pay More Than The Average tier. Following the "Final War", a paltry 100 million people are all that's left of humanity on planet Earth. Unfortunately, a dangerous new slew of living creatures threaten your very survival. This Early Access title is in Alpha and still very much in development, but what's already there seems pretty fun so far.

The SNOW - Pro Pack DLC is a set of downloadable content for the free-to-play game SNOW, an open-world game focusing on winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. This package includes 3 Tools, 10 Equipment Items, and 14 Clothing Items for you to kit out your character in style. This package also unlocks the Snowmobile and Prop Tool features, allowing you to zip around the mountain faster and customize it to your tastes.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is a first-person shooter that is definitively centered on the experience of being a sniper in a modern combat setting. Featuring improved ballistics, better enemy AI, and an expanded list of sniper rifles, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is sure to be a grand ol' time of clicking heads from the shadows.

UAYEB is a project that was created by a single indie developer with only the help of two other people taking on voice acting roles. Craft objects and struggle for survival in a 16km² world as you hunt for 20 different Mayan artifacts in temples loaded with puzzles and deadly traps. This particular item in the Humble CRYENGINE Bundle 2018 promises about 50 hours of gameplay.

Ryse: Son of Rome is all about Marius Titus, a Roman soldier who watched his family die at the hands of vicious barbarian bandits. He heads with the Roman army to Britannia in a quest to rise through the ranks of the Roman Army and exact his vengeance on the people who murdered his family.

The Underwater Demo Level for the CRYENGINE includes the source files for an underwater level in this particular engine. This package includes over 200 distinct assets and a completely-assembled level that should help you figure out how best to put one together for your own game.

The Robinson: The Journey Asset Pack contains a series of assets from the VR sci-fi adventure Robinson: The Journey. You'll be able to use a Pterodactyl, over 15 Vegetarian Assets, over 20 Junk & Background Assets, and much more in your own work with the engine.

The last item in the Pay More Than The Average tier is the Ryse Egypt Asset PackThis series of assets from the gladiatorial arena includes pyramids, statues, obelisks, and more from one of the most interesting locations in the game Ryse: Son of Rome.

Boom, headshot. In Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, you are most definitely dangerous.

The Humble CRYENGINE Bundle 2018 closes out with four more items in the Pay $15 Or More tier. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 (Our Review) has you taking on the role of sniper Jonathan North who gets dropped into northern Georgia (the country, not the American state). Take on ruthless warlords at the edge of the Russian border with supreme stealth and accuracy, and make the best use of a wide range of customizable equipment in an open-world setting.

Homefront: The Revolution (Our Review) is the final actual game in the Humble CRYENGINE Bundle 2018. Set in a somewhat-unbelievable alternate history where the North Korean army is actually competent, the city of Philadelphia is in the midst of a four-year occupation. You'll engage in clandestine operations Red Dawn-style as you try to undermine the occupying forces through sabotage, assassinations, and ambushes against a superior military foe.

The Deceit Asset Pack is exactly what it says on the tin - a number of assets from the multiplayer first-person shooter Deceit. This package has bathroom props, numerous doors, forest external assets, and a whole lot more. (At this point, you'd be well-equipped to build a bathroom in an underwater environment with fully-animated characters from Crysis.)

Finally, The Climb Asset Pack is a group of assets from VR Title The Climb. This package includes 4 different types of distance mountains (perfect for sprucing up your game's skybox), helicopters, a waterfall and river kit, and a whole bunch of different kinds of rocks. (It's a climbing game, of course there are rocks.)

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That's it for the Humble CRYENGINE Bundle 2018! There are plenty of good games in this package from both indie studios and big developers, but this is a veritable treasure trove if you're currently working on a game in the engine yourself. If this sounds like the kind of deal you'd like to get into, swing on over to the Humble CRYENGINE Bundle 2018 page and pick it up for yourself before it goes away. You have just over 12 days before it's gone for good. Additionally, there are only 5 days left in the PlayStation Sega x Capcom bundle if you are wanting to pick that up.

What do you think of the games and assets included in the Humble CRYENGINE Bundle 2018? Do you think the game development assets are a nice bonus or are they just useless fluff to someone who might not be interested in game development? Let us know in the comments below!

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