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Humble Bundle Spring Sale Launches With Free Flame In the Flood

Published: May 10, 2018 4:54 PM /


It's that time of the year again! As customary in this period, Humble Bundle started its yearly Humble Bundle Spring Sale on the Humble Shop. The sale will run from today to May 24 and it includes discounts for many big publisher games. To celebrate the start of the sale, Humble Bundle also gives its user the chance to grab The Flame in the Flood for free for the next 48 hours.

As usually is the case for Humble Store's sales, the event features a number of time-limited publisher-centric discounts. At the time of writing, the store is offering discounts for games published by SEGA, Rockstar, and Bethesda. These discounts will last until next week when they will be most likely replaced by other publishers. There's also a Codemasters spring sale going on that will continue until the end of the event.

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There's also a little reward system in place during this sale. For every $5 spent during the event and for every day that they will visit the store page before May 24, users will earn a stamp. A max of 5 stamps can be earned with some rewards given out at 1, 3 and 5 items collected. 1 stamp will earn you some discount coupons while 3 and 5 stamps will allow you two claim two games for free (Millennium: A New Hope and Whispering Willows respectively).

As mentioned earlier, there's a little celebratory giveaway going on to kickstart the Spring Sale. For the next 48 hours, you'll be able to claim a copy of The Flame in the Flood for free on the Humble Store, redeemable on Steam. The game offers an interesting take on the survival genre and rocks a neat aesthetic and a pretty great soundtrack. It also features a cute dog which makes it even more worth to get for the low low price of zero dollars.

All in all, it's worth keeping tabs on this sale, if anything for the fact that only by visiting the page for a few days, you can get a grand total of three games without spending a dime. Also ongoing right now is the Humble War Gamez Bundle featuring various games like Insurgency, 8-Bit Armies and more. Finally, Humble Monthly has its early unlock for June revealed, and with it, you can get Destiny 2 for $12 along with the rest of the mystery games come the first Friday in June as well as access the Humble Trove which just added some Star Wars games.

What do you think of this year's Humble Store Spring Sale? Are you planning to take advantage of it? Let us know in the comments below!