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Humble Bundle Has its First Epic Games Bundle

Published: June 23, 2021 8:51 PM /



Humble Bundle has announced their first Epic Games bundle, where all the games in the bundle are Epic Game Store key redemptions. This bundle features 6 games, all of which you can get for $15 USD including World War Z GOTY Edition.

The first tier is one game for $1, and it gets you fighting game Omen of Sorrow by AOne Games, originally released on PlayStation in 2018, followed by PC in 2019, and Xbox in 2021.

Things get more interesting at the Beat the Average tier - currently at $11.87. This tier adds two more games to Omen of Sorrow with Dangerous Driving, and A Knight's Quest. Dangerous Driving is a Burnout inspired title by some of the creators of Burnout who formed Three Fields Entertainment. It is an arcadey racer that harkens back to Burnout 3. A Knight's Quest on the other hand is an action-adventure game published by Curve Digital that seeks to recall the 90s iterations of franchises in the genre.

For the final tier, if you want all six games it will run you $15. This adds three more games, in World War Z - GOTY Edition, Spelldrifter, and RollerCoaster Tycoon Adventures. World War Z is an up-to-4 player co-op Shooter based on the movie (not the book) that focuses primarily on PvE play. Spelldrifter is an indie game that hybridizes the turn-based tactical RPG genre, and the collectible card game where you have to juggle resources while managing time and space. Last, is RollerCoaster Tycoon Adventures, a birght and cheerful managment game that aims more at a younger audience.

The first Epic Games Humble Bundle also allows you to support the charity of your choice from a large selection of them via that Paypal Giving Fund. Some choices include Able Gamers, or for Pride Month choices could include charities like the Trevor Project or the Lambda Literary Foundation.

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