Humble Books Bundle: Fallout RPG & 3D Miniatures Takes You To The Wasteland

Published: February 18, 2021 7:17 PM /


Humble Books Bundle: Fallout RPG & 3D Miniatures Key Art

Have you ever wanted to enter the wasteland for yourself, without the need for electricity or a games console? Well, now you can. The Humble Books Bundle: Fallout RPG & 3D Miniatures gives you everything you need to expand your Fallout: Wasteland Warfare tabletop experience into a full-blown RPG, as well as adding some fancy new terrain for anyone lucky enough to own a 3D-printer. 

Humble Books Bundle: Fallout RPG & 3D Miniatures - $1 Tier

The first tier of the Humble Books Bundle: Fallout RPG & 3D Miniatures gives you access to some great features, including some special STL files that allow you to 3D-print your own Ruined Red Rocket. If you're looking to get into Wasteland Warfare itself you'll also get the Getting Acclimated guide and the Rules of Play, along with a whole slew of print and play products such as Dice & Rulers and a 2-Player Dice Set. The final features of this tier are two amazing adventures, The Undiscovered Vault, and The Red Rocket Misunderstanding, and a 50% discount for some new Wasteland Warfare dice. 

Humble Books Bundle: Fallout RPG & 3D Miniatures - $10 Tier

Humble Books Bundle: Fallout RPG & 3D Miniatures Second Tier

Things start to get incredibly exciting with the full Wasteland Warfare RPG Expansion Book to teach you the ins and outs of turning your miniatures game into a TTRPG. You'll also get some more STL files for even more advanced terrain expansions. The Sanctuary Hills House expansion gives you a house from the titular community, while the Preserved Red Rocket expansion allows you the option of a gas station that isn't completely burned out. 

There are also two full campaigns for the RPG to help get you started. The Unexpected Shepard Part 1 gives you some great solo adventures for you to run your own character through, while Machine Frequency is a more traditional campaign for a 3-5 character team. Finally, you'll also get some character sheets to help create your own characters, and a 50% discount if you enjoy the RPG expansion enough to sink some cash on the professionally printed version. 

Humble Books Bundle: Fallout RPG & 3D Miniatures - $20 Tier

This final tier of the selection is a 3D-printer's wonderland with a whole slew of special STL files for a whole bunch of different terrain options, as well as a bonus character. The terrain expansions are numerous and varied, including the Vault Design Start Pack, the Vault Walls Upgrade Pack, the Vault Attrium Pack, the Vault Tec Office Bundle, the Vault Flooring Pack, the Parked Vertiberd, and the Pre-War APC. Your final STL file is for the Vault-Tec Vault Girl character miniature, to walk through your huge amount of vault terrain. 

Your non-STL file parts of this tier include the complete Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Campaign Book to help you write your own interconnected adventures. There's also the Caught in the Crossfire Campaign Book that brings heavy weapons to the wasteland in this connected campaign, and a complete collection of the Print and Play Wave 1A Cards for the tabletop miniatures game. 


The Humble Books Bundle: Fallout RPG & 3D Miniatures is an excellent collection of books and files for Wasteland Warfare. You can get your hands on the bundle right away over at Humble's website

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