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Published: October 29, 2018 2:56 PM /


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While playing games is all well and good, what about those of us who want to make them? Humble Bundle’s got your back, in the new RPG Maker bundle by Degica Games.

For the first tier, you pay what you want and you get the game Last Word, as well as RPG Maker XP, Game Character Hub: Portfolio Edition, Game Character Hub PE: both DS Generator Parts and Second Story.

For $8 or more, you then get to unlock tier 2. This contains the games Skyborn and Always Sometimes Monsters, as well as the base copy of RPG Maker VX.

Tier three is where the aspiring game developers really start getting their money’s worth out of the bundle. Games are included – Echoes of Aetheria and Pale Echoes – but the real attraction is RPG Maker VX Ace. This tier also comes with the following add-ons for AceFantasy Hero Character Pack, Ancient Dungeons: Base pack, Futuristic Tiles Resources Pack, Seraph Circle: Monster Pack 1, Fantastic Buildings: Medieval, POP!: Horror City and Animations Collection 1: Quintessence.

Not enough for you? You’re in luck because Degica Games happens to be one of the few Humble Bundles that includes a fourth tier. For $50 you get a $2 Humble Wallet Credit for those who already have a monthly bundle subscription, as well as a whole mess of game-making goodies. To start off, it includes Visual Novel Maker + Live2D and the base program RPG Maker MV. It also comes with the following MV packs – MADO, SAKAN and GENE.

Future Steam Punk, Karugamo Fantasy I, Urban Slow Piano Vol.1, M-Drive 16-Bit Music, Hiroki Kikuta music pack: The Fury, Dungeon Music and Light Novel Standard Music. There is also Fantasy Heroine Character Pack, FSM: Town of Beginnings Tiles, Samurai Japan: Castle Tiles, and Katakura Hibiki’s Lords of Darkness. Finally, it also includes Fantastic Buildings: Medieval, POP!: Horror City and Animations Collection 1: Quintessence, all now compatible with RPG Maker MV.

Proceeds from the bundle are also going to fund the Indie Game Making Contest 2018 prize pool, which is co-sponsored by Degica Games and invites everyone to send prototypes in for the competition.

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