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Published: December 4, 2018 10:20 AM /


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Tis the season to spread the love. Humble Bundle and Yogscast aren’t the only ones who can game for charity! War Child UK, a charity organization founded in 1993 to provide assistance to children in war torn areas, and in partnership with US based Children in Conflict, has released HELP The Game for 2018. A mobile app with 5 games and costing only $2.99, 100% of the proceeds go to War Child UK to help children across the world.

Five different developers have teamed up for HELP, each contributing a different game. German developers Wooga contributed the game Rupert, Sell ‘em Don’t Break ‘em, about an elephant (aptly named Rupert) who is terribly clumsy. Somehow, despite this setback, he has managed to get a job in an antique shop, and the player must assist him in, well sellin’ em and not breakin’ em.

Featherweight Games’ contribution is entitled Mediocre Housekeeping and looks to be basically a simulation of how I put away laundry – chuck it at the drawers and let’s hope it makes it. In practice, this is not an efficient method, but in simulation, it looks to be terrific fun.

Fifty Buddies, developed by games juggernaut Gameloft, involves fifty of what appear to be Jelly Babies (of Doctor Who fame) going around a racetrack and attempting to avoid traps along the way. Presumably placed by some overeater who’s wrapped his scarf a little too tightly and believes Jelly Babies to be the cure.

Inish Ciub by Rovio is the fourth entry on the list and involves matching drop tiles and clearing the screen. Also a teddy bear.

Sports Interactive, best known for their Football Manager series, contributes the last entry on the list, Tickets Please, in which you play a harangued train conductor trying to do his job of checking tickets and dealing with progressively snottier passengers. It’s something anyone who has ever ridden the MTA will be able to relate to.

For those interested, HELP is available on the Amazon appstore, via Google Play and the Apple App Store. You play, so every child can.

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