Green Man Gaming Birthday Sale Day 5: Life is Strange Franchise at Historically-Low Prices

Published: May 20, 2019 1:20 PM /


green man gaming birthday sale 2019 - day 5

The Green Man Gaming Birthday Sale Day 5 is here! Today's deals include the lowest-ever prices for some of the games in the Life is Strange franchise, a wonderful indie adventure game that features all sorts of strange situations.

As with the other days in the birthday sale, we're highlighting some of the better and more interesting deals that are available. Let's check 'em out!

Green Man Gaming Birthday Sale Day 5 - Historic Lows

Life is Strange: Complete Season ($3.20, 80% off - Our Review) gives you the opportunity to get every episode of one off the most intriguing indie adventure games all in one fell swoop. Max Caulfield discovers that she has the power to reverse time, but making the correct decision isn't as easy as it seems. You can get all five episodes for under four bucks, a price that's frankly a steal. Whether or not you like the newer games, I can enthusiastically say that the first one is definitely worth it — especially at that price! If you're not sure about getting this game, you can check out what it's like by playing the first episode for free on Steam.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm ($4.08, 76% off - Our Review) takes you back in time to the days before Max came to Arcadia Bay. While Chloe doesn't have any superpowers, she certainly does have a near-superhuman ability to talk smack. Make the best use of your wits as you explore this prequel to Life is Strange!

Life is Strange 2 - Episode 1 ($3.20, 60% off - Our Review) is the first episode of the sequel to 2015's Life is Strange. This all-new tale has brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz (16 and 9 years old, respectively) running away from home after a tragedy. Take the Life is Strange style of games on the road in modern America — for better or for worse — at a historically-low price!

Green Man Gaming Birthday Sale Day 5 - Hot Deals

Bioshock Infinite ($6.00, 80% Off) is the third game in the Bioshock franchise and one where the sidekick greatly overpowered the protagonist in popularity. (Go to a gaming convention and see how long it takes you to spot someone cosplaying as Elizabeth!) Head to the flying city of Columbia in your mission to rescue Elizabeth from the clutches of some really crazy people while acquiring crazy new powers and fancy steampunk weaponry!

Borderlands: Game of the Year Enhanced ($16.07, 46% off) is the perfect way to get ready for the upcoming release of Borderlands 3! Head back to the beginning of this series with some radically-enhanced graphics while retaining the same great gameplay. You can also pick up Borderlands: The Handsome Collection ($10.56, 80% off), a package that includes Borderlands 2 (Our Review) and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (Our Review).

Just Cause 3 ($2.40, 88% off - Our Review) is the perfect game if you want to live out your 80s action movie fantasies. Want to ride a fighter jet like a surfboard? You can do that. Want to surf that fighter jet into an oil refinery, jump off right before it explodes, and then mow down a bunch of bad guys with a machine gun? You can do that, too. Just Cause 3's is less a game about its story and more about all of the crazy things you can do to topple an island dictatorship. You can also spend a couple bucks extra and pick up the Just Cause 3: XXL Edition ($4.80, 88% off) instead.

We're all done highlighting games for the day, but there are many more deals on offer! Check out all the great deals on the Green Man Gaming Birthday Sale Day 5! The above-listed deals will end in a little under two days, so make sure you grab 'em fast if they pique your interest.

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Are you picking up any of the games in the Green Man Gaming Birthday Sale 2019 Day 5? What new games did you grab over the weekend? Let us know in the comments below!