Green Man Gaming Birthday Sale 2019 Day 8: Grand Theft Auto Games and More!

Published: May 23, 2019 11:40 AM /


green man gaming birthday sale 2019 day 8

Green Man Gaming Birthday Sale 2019 Day 8 is here! Today's deals include a few great games that you can really sink your teeth into —and it won't break the bank to get them, either.

Two games from the Grand Theft Auto franchise (including a whole bunch of different options) are available along with some other excellent games from other developers. Let's break down today's deals!

Green Man Gaming Birthday Sale 2019 Day 8 - Grand Theft Auto Games

Grand Theft Auto IV Complete ($7.38, 75% off) tells the story of an impoverished Russian immigrant making his way in the world after coming to America. Okay, maybe he's earning a living by stealing cars and killing other criminals, but hey — a job's a job! This package also includes The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned.

Grand Theft Auto V ($12.30, 59% off) is the latest entry in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. It introduces a unique system where players can switch between each of the game's three protagonists at will (in most cases), showcasing three independent storylines that become intertwined as time goes on. It also has a pretty robust (and somewhat grindy) online game service, which is why you'd probably want to buy the Grand Theft Auto V Premium Online Edition ($12.30, 70% off) instead and score some goodies to help get you started. Several packages including Shark Cards (which can be used to buy money for Grand Theft Auto Online) are also available.

Green Man Gaming Birthday Sale 2019 Day 8 - Other Deals

Kerbal Space Program ($16.00, 60% off - Our Review) is the premier spaceship-building game. The planet Kerbin is making its first venture into space and it's up to you to sail to the stars while trying not to explode. (Spoilers: things are probably going to explode). A game mode is available for players to gradually progress through the different bits of tech or you could instead choose to play the sandbox and build whatever crazy creations you'd like! You can also get the game's first piece of DLC Kerbal Space Program: Making History ($8.39, 44% off).

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands ($15.22, 70% off) is the first open-world game in the franchise. You (and up to three of your friends) can create your own character and head into an exciting open world set in Bolivia. The Santa Blanca Cartel are a bunch of bad dudes and it's up to you to take them down! You can also get a bunch of neat extras and a hefty chunk of post-launch DLC by buying the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands - Ultimate Edition ($36.54, 70% off) instead.

That's it for our highlights for Day 8! There aren't any historically-low prices in this batch, but these are still pretty good prices on some games that you can sink a lot of time into! Don't forget to check out yesterday's deals — you still have another day to save some money on Dark Souls III and other fine titles.

Go ahead and check out all of the deals on offer in the Green Man Gaming Birthday Sale 2019 Day 8!

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What's your favorite game from the Grand Theft Auto franchise? Do you like Kerbal Space Program or is it not really your kind of game? Let us know in the comments below!

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