Great Weekend Deals From Gamesplanet XCOM 2, Borderlands 2, Resident Evil 2, And More

Great Weekend Deals From Gamesplanet: Resident Evil 2, XCOM 2, and More

Published: May 10, 2019 6:37 PM /



The weekend is almost here, but the deals are already happening. So if you're looking for some great deals, check out our selection of great discounts available from Gamesplanet this weekend. All games activate on Steam. The sale will last from May 10 until May 13, so if you snooze, you lose.

ARK: Survival Evolved ($19.99 -60%) is probably one of the most popular survival games on Steam. It was in Early Access for about two years from 2015 to 2017, and if you're looking for some mindless entertainment and survival thrills in a world with lots of guns and dinosaurs, this is the game for you.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI - Gold Edition ($32.99 -67%) (Our Impressions) is the latest in a long dynasty of 4X turn-based strategy. Choose your national culture and see it grow from a primitive settlement to a full-fledged empire, with plenty of diplomacy with other national leaders and technology research along the way. If you prefer, you can also get Civilization V: The Complete Edition for $43.49 (-13%).

RESIDENT EVIL 2 / BIOHAZARD RE:2 Deluxe Edition ($47.99 -31%) (Our Review) is the remake of the original classic, and it's considered by many the benchmark to judge all other remakes by. Capcom really nailed this remake and you can't go wrong with it, so you definitely want to check it out if you're a Resident Evil / Biohazard fan.

BioShock Infinite ($7.50 -75%) (Our Review) was the final chapter in the BioShock trilogy, the one that presented one of the most cherished characters in gaming history, Elizabeth Comstock. While it is a frenzied shooter, there's also plenty of emotional moments to be found here.

BioShock: The Collection ($14.99 -75%) is the remastered collection of the original BioShock games, taking you back to the underwater city of Rapture. It's a highly competent remaster, and if you were a fan of the original releases, you should definitely pick this up and revisit the iconic world of Rapture.

Borderlands 2: Game of the Year Edition ($8.80 -78%) is the sequel to the original Borderlands, with more shootin'-'n-lootin', and lots of memes. Your mileage may vary, but most people like Borderlands 2 more than the original title, and if you like weird humor you should definitely consider picking this up.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection ($19.80 -67%) is a bundle that gets you both Borderlands 2: Game of the Year Edition and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, but also all add-on content, with a buttload of skins and other DLC. If you've been holding out on buying all those Borderlands 2 DLC, this is a good deal.

XCOM 2 ($12.99 -78%) (Our Review) is the critically acclaimed sequel to the original 2012 reboot XCOM, bringing plenty of improvements to the formula and many more aliens to slaughter turn by turn. If you loved XCOM you'll like this too, though maybe not as much.

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And that's our selection of deals you might be interested in. Head on over to Gamesplanet and see what else you might want to add to your ever-growing backlog.

What do you think of these deals? Are you looking for any other game that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!