Grab Some Great Deals in the Humble Bundle Degica Sale

Published: April 23, 2018 11:58 PM /


humble degica sale

This week is publisher Degica's turn to partner with Humble Bundle for some great deals on their catalog of RPG creators and indie Japanese games. Take a look at some of the standouts from the sale!

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Umihara Kawase Trilogy (Our Review) is a set of three deceptively simple platforming games. Centered around slick movement and extremely refined physics, you're tasked with zipping through levels inhabited by bizarre sea creatures. With surreal visuals and otherworldly level design, all of the Umihara Kawase games pride themselves on replayability, providing endless challenge for your inner time trial fiend. With all three games coming in this collection at 55% off, for $13.49.

Code of Princess (Our Review) is a side-scrolling 2D action RPG. Originally released on the 3DS back in 2012, you play as Princess Solange, or one of her allies, as she attempts to save her kingdom. After coming under attack from a rival empire, she sets out in order to both free her people and discover the source of their demonic powers. Inspired by classic 2D hack-and-slash Guardian HeroesCode of Princess's port to PC was a surprise, but a welcome one. It's on sale here with a 60% discount, at $5.99.

Mushihimesama is a bullet hell/shoot-'em-up game from CAVE. One of a handful of shmups on sale as part of the Degica catalog (the other two being Dodonpachi Resurrection and Deathsmiles), Mushihimesama is CAVE's best-known shooter, and their most gorgeous. From intricate bullet patterns to the option to tailor the difficulty to suit your skill level, Mushihimesama is the bullet hell game to play, if you've ever been interested in the genre. Mushihimesama comes in with a 60% discount, at $7.99.

The RPG Maker tools (2000, XP, VX Ace and MV) are far and away Degica's most widely-known property. The RPG Maker gave life to hundreds, if not thousands of amateur RPGs, and subsequently spawned probably the greatest parody game of all time. From tilesets to sprites to tools to implement your own creations, the RPG Maker utilities may not always evoke feelings of quality, but if you're looking to dabble in RPG and game development, there's hardly a better entry-level tool. RPG Maker VX Ace can be nabbed for $17.49, at 75% off.

There's plenty more to be found in the Degica Catalog Sale, including a couple of RPGs that were made with the aforementioned RPG Maker. The sale runs until April 30th, at 12pm Central Time.

Anything you're looking at getting in the sale this week? Got a favorite RPG Maker game? Let us know in the comments below!