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Published: July 3, 2018 10:47 AM /


gog weekly sale slime rancher

Time being a linear construct and all, another week is upon us. Thankfully, that means another GOG Weekly Sale.

This week, the theme is "Snacks To Last You Seven Days", which may just be a fancy way of saying "lots of different types of games are on sale". GOG themselves describe the sale as "a snack sampler with several delicacies from a dozen different places", which in practice means up to 90% off a variety of titles.

First up, it's the "bouncy, explosive, mean, but mostly downright cute" slimes of Slime Rancher. Described by GOG as a "wacky and endlessly rewarding action / adventure", Slime Rancher sees players take control of Beatrix LeBeau, who must make a living "wrangling slimes". Players can grow crops, build gadgets and raise the sticky little varmints on their "very own customizable ranch", as well as exploring "a vast alien frontier...that's bursting at the seams". Interested parties can grab Slime Rancher at 40% off its usual retail price.

If you're after something a little more...hardcore, the frantic score-chasing action of Devil Daggers might suit you better. Devil Daggers is an extremely bare-bones arena-style shooter, in which players must fend off increasingly ridiculous waves of enemies armed with the titular Devil Daggers. This one's 40% off too and you can read more about it in our review.

Those of a more narrative disposition will find plenty to love in 1999's classic shooter System Shock 2. Since this game is the predecessor of BioShock, expect a hostile open-ended environment to explore, skills to upgrade and utilize, and a host of very nasty monsters to dispatch. System Shock 2 is an absolute steal at 85% off. Do bear in mind this is the original edition, not the enhanced version.

There's plenty more we missed out in the GOG Weekly Sale right now, so go on ahead and check it out. There's bound to be something for even the most discerning of tastes.

Of course, there might be nothing in the Weekly Sale to entice you. Hey, it happens. If that's the case, maybe the recent addition of Myst III: Exile and Myst IV: Revelation will fire up your synapses. The long-running Myst series is incredibly influential, and with all the titles now available on GOG, there's never been a better time to check it out - especially when the rest of the series is currently up to 65% off.

The GOG "Snacks To Last You Seven Days" sale ends on July 9th at 10PM UTC.

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Anything in this week's GOG Sale grabbed you? Tempted to give System Shock 2 a first try, or revisit it? Let us know in the comments!

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