GOG Weekend Sale Highlights Cyberpunk Games, Red Strings Club 50% Off

Published: May 17, 2019 1:22 PM /


gog cyberpunk weekend sale 2019

The GOG Cyberpunk Weekend Sale 2019 is here! If you've always wanted a bionic eye or you think you can be a l33t h4x0r with the best of them, it's never been a better time to live out your fantasies with some fantastic cyberpunk games!

Now that this sale has been announced, we'll be highlighting a selection of titles as we usually do for these sales — let's see what are some of the best games in this sale!


Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition ($2.49, 75% off) is a legendary game, right up there with Half-Life and Halo. Blending first-person shooter and role-playing game elements, Deus Ex has you unraveling a massive conspiracy with a lot of creative choices at your hands. There are other Deus Ex games in this sale, but the first one is surely one of the best games of all time.

The Red Strings Club ($7.49, 50% off) will have you unraveling a corporate conspiracy through hacking, bartending, and pottery. No, really. It's a delightfully strange cyberpunk narrative experience with a world that's beautifully-rendered in pixel art!

Ruiner ($7.99, 60% off) is an action shooter set in the city of Rengkok. Make the most of your augmented body with lightning-fast combat when you fight against the evil corporate overlords! You'll have a neat arsenal of all sorts of cyberpunk ranged and melee weapons at your disposal. You can also grab the Ruiner Soundtrack ($2.79, 60% off) if you enjoyed the game's sweet tunes.


Shadowrun Hong Kong - Extended Edition ($4.99, 75% off - Our Review) is a classic, story-driven CRPG based on the Shadowrun property. (Surprising, I know). The game is one of the few titles that were wildly successful on Kickstarter and it's since received a whole bunch of upgrades that have made it even better. Command a team in turn-based tactical combat and use all sorts of crazy high-tech skills to take your team to victory! If you want to splurge a bit, you can also pick up the Shadowrun Hong Kong - Extended Edition Deluxe for $7.49, also at a 75% discount.

System Shock: Enhanced Edition ($2.49, 75% off) is the perfect game to get now that System Shock 3 is on the way. This game is essentially the spiritual predecessor to the Bioshock games and made by many of the same people, so you know you'll get a quality first-person shooter/RPG experience! You can also get System Shock 2 ($2.49, 75% off - Our Review) at the same price point.

Welp, that's it for our highlights for the GOG Cyberpunk Weekend Sale 2019! There are many more games on offer — check out the GOG Cyberpunk Weekend Sale 2019 for yourself and see what else you can grab! You'll have until Monday, May 20, 2019, at 6:00 PM Eastern to take advantage of these deals before they're gone! Don't forget that you can also get some stellar deals in the GOG 2K Games Sale!

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Are you going to buy any of the games in the GOG Cyberpunk Weekend Sale 2019? What's your favorite cyberpunk game? Let us know in the comments below!