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GOG 2K Games Sale has Mafia III at 75% off, Spec Ops: The Line Debuts on the Platform

Published: May 13, 2019 3:00 PM /



The GOG 2K Games Sale is here and it's got some excellent games at a discount, all of which are DRM-free! Whether you're looking to head into space or gun down a rival gang, there's plenty to enjoy in this latest wave of discounts.

This week's sale is focused on titles from 2K Games, many of which are classics in their respective genres. Check out some of the games we're highlighting for the GOG 2K Games Sale!


Army Men ($2.99, 50% off) is the classic tale of our favorite little plastic soldiers brought to life! Command your soldiers against the villainous tan army men as you try to capture objectives and obliterate the enemy in this tactical strategy game! You might also want to grab the sequels and side games: Army Men II ($2.99, 50% off), Army Men RTS ($2.99, 50% off), Army Men: Toys In Space ($2.99, 50% off), and Army Men: World War ($2.99, 50% off) are all also discounted in the GOG 2K Games Sale.

Kerbal Space Program ($19.99, 50% off - Our Review) is the spaceship-building game. There are many like it, but this one is well-regarded as one of the best! Build realistic spaceships, watch your design catastrophically fail on the launch pad, and then try again! The only limits are your imagination and your processing power. You may also want to grab the expansion Kerbal Space Program: Making History ($10.49, 30% off) to add even more gameplay!

Mafia III ($9.99, 75% off) is exactly what it says on the tin: the third game in the Mafia franchise. After your foster family of sorts is taken out by the Italian mob, it's up to you to start up a new family and get revenge! You can easily grab a bunch of the DLC by purchasing the Mafia III Deluxe Edition ($14.99, 75% off) instead. You can also get Mafia ($10.04, 33% off) and Mafia II: Director's Cut ($7.99, 80% off) to round out your collection!


Sid Meier's Pirates! ($2.49, 75% off) is a fantastic game that has you sailing the high seas of the Carribean, managing your crew, and getting a boatload of treasure! If trains are more your thing, you can get the tycoon game Sid Meier's Railroads! ($2.49, 75% off) instead. Or why not have both pirates and railroads by grabbing Sid Meier's Civilization IV: The Complete Edition ($7.49, 75% off)?

Spec Ops: The Line ($5.99, 80% off) is the last game we're highlighting for the GOG 2K Games Sale and it's also making its debut in the platform! This title from YAGER and 2K Games seems like a bog-standard shooter at first, but it quickly becomes apparent that you're playing something entirely different. It's well worth checking out!

That's it for our highlights in the GOG 2K Games Sale! There's still plenty more to enjoy — check out everything on offer in the GOG 2K Games Sale before it's too late! You'll have until Monday, May 20 at 6PM UTC to take advantage of these deals. You might also want to check out the GOG Classic Adventure Games Weekend Sale before it ends at 6PM tonight!

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What do you think of  Spec Ops: The Line making its way to GOG? Are there any other games you feel we should have highlighted in the GOG 2K Games Sale? Let us know in the comments below!