GMG Deals 3/24-3/27 - Mass Effect, Toukiden 2, Killing Floor 2, and more!

Published: March 24, 2017 5:28 PM /



As we approach the weekend we have a chance to look at some of Green Man Gaming's deals for the weekend, with several major releases standing out on discounts from the UK retailer if you're looking for a discount. Do remember for all deals to log in to see and get the best prices!

Check out the deals below, and note that all links are affiliated. As a reminder, TechRaptor Pack Hunter members get a monthly discount coupon code for Green Man Gaming, too!

First up is the newest release in the Mass Effect franchise, with Mass Effect: Andromeda, which GMG has up to 27% off right now putting it at under $44 for the new release. While reviews for the title are middling, it is quite rare to see an AAA game available at this low a price this quickly after launch. Also under $45 is the newly released Toukiden 2 from Koei Tecmo which gives you a demon hunting Monster Hunter-like experience on the PC (as well as PlayStation 4). If you're more gearing up to preorder for April, Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War III is available at 25% off if you secure now, and it isn't likely to get any better than this pre-launch, although the normal caveats about pre-ordering apply:

Beyond those deals, there are numerous other ones available as well. They have several developer-focused sales on ith things like Grand Theft Auto V for the Rockstar sale at 57% off putting it at $25.57 if you'd been holding out on buying it. The 1C Publisher Promotion gives you a collection of strategy titles to look at, while the Killing Floor 2 set provides a cheap spot to hop in the zombie-shooting co-op action if you'd been waiting. Lastly is the indie Fest Promotion, which has several hundred indie games on sale. While we've isolated a few at the top, we also picked through and listed 50 beneath that of differing types with games like InsideHunie PopGuns of Icarus and lots more on at great prices.

Promotions & Offers:

  • Rockstar Weekend Promotion
    • Up to 72% off Grand Theft Auto V and Bully & LA Noire titles when you sign in
    • Some top deals include:
      • Grand Theft Auto V - 57% Off - $25.57
      • Bully Scholarship Edition - 67% Off - $4.79
      • LA Noire: Complete Edition - 72% Off - $8.29
  • 1C Publisher Promotion
    • Up to 79% off all 1C Company titles
    • Some top deals include:
      • 1C Strategy Collection - 78% Off - $6.57
      • Men of War Collectors Pack - 79% Off - $7.57
      • Kings Bounty Ultimate Edition - 78% Off - $8.57
      • Realpolitiks - 36% Off - $15.99
  • Killing Floor 2 Promotion
    • Up to 57% off Killing Floor 2 titles.
    • The top deals include:
      • Killing Floor 2 - Standard - 57% Off - $12.79
      • Killing Floor 2 - Deluxe - 57% Off - $16.99
      • Killing Floor 2 - 6-Pack - 57% Off - $63.79
      • Killing Floor 2 - Upgrade - 57% Off - $4.29
  • Indie Fest Promotion
    • Up to 90% off hundreds of leading indie titles when you sign in
    • Some top deals include:
      • Tabletop Simulator - 50% Off - $9.99
      • Project Highrise - 35% Off - $12.99
      • Blitzkrieg 3 - 40% Off - $17.99
      • Among The Sleep - 70% Off - $4.57
That should EASILY be enough deals to keep you busy all weekend, all week, and into the very far future! We keep up with all of our partners and affiliates so that you can get the latest in deals on a regular basis, so make sure to stay tuned to TechRaptor for more deals, as well as @DealRaptor for one-off deals from around the web!

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Do any of these deals interest you? Tell us which ones you picked up in the comments below!