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gamesplanet spring sale 2018

It's Spring, and that brings beautiful weather and game sales! Well, the weather has been a bit screwy for some of us lately, but that's all the more reason to stock up on some choice video games and stay indoors. The Gamesplanet Spring Sale has some choice titles on offer

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Cities: Skylines has taken up the mantle of the city building simulator ever since 2013's SimCity went a bit off the rails. Players can build their own city from the ground up in a variety of different locales, each with their own geographical challenges. If you're the sort to really get involved with city builders, you can also make your own maps or mods from scratch. Industrious modders have created tons of free content that you can easily download via Steam Workshop integration. You can pick the game up for £4.99 ($7.13), a 78% discount. There is a good bit of expansion content, too -  Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit (Our Review) is discounted 51% to £4.89 ($6.99) and the newest expansion Cities Skylines: Green Cities (Our Review) is 15% off at £8.49 ($12.13). This is a Flash Deal right now, so pick it up now to get the best discount!

If you're in a mood for some post-apocalyptic shooting, the Metro Redux Bundle is another Flash Deal that's currently 76% off at £5.99 ($8.56). The bundle contains both Metro 2033 Redux (Our Review) and Metro: Last Light Redux (Our Review); you can pick up either game individually for £3.69 ($5.27), a 75% discount. The Metro games focus on the adventures of Artyom, an adventurous dweller of the Moscow Metro after a nuclear war has made the surface mostly uninhabitable. The games are set to be followed by Metro: Exodus which should be releasing for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One sometime this Fall.

alien isolation motion sensor
Go ahead, head into that darkened corridor. I'm sure it's safe.

Alien: Isolation is a spooky title set in the Alien universe. This game has you playing as the daughter of Ellen Ripley as you try to survive a situation that rapidly spirals out of control after a xenomorph emerges on an isolated space station and begins eating its way through the crew. (Do note that this game cannot be activated in China, Taiwan, or Hong Kong). The game's DLC is also available at discounted prices if you'd like to grab some extras. You can buy it for £7.49 ($10.70), a 75% discount.

The Gamesplanet Spring Sale has something for fans of the classic game SimTower. They'll find something to love in Project Highrise, a spiritual successor where you build and manage a tower in the heart of the city. Set up commercial and residential units for your residents, collect rent, and invest your profits into building services and new construction! It's available for purchase at £3.75 ($5.36), a 75% discount.

metal gear rising revengeance big ol baddy
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is one of the many great titles up for grabs in the Gamesplanet Spring Sale.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is 75% off at £4.99 ($7.13) as a Flash Deal. While most Metal Gear titles focus on stealth, this particular game is all about high-speed action. You take control of Raiden, a cybernetically-enhanced soldier first introduced in Metal Gear Solid 2. This time, you'll be using a finely-sharpened sword to slash your enemies to bits in the classic action-packed style of a Platinum Games title.

Beat the heck out of your friends in Mortal Kombat XL, the latest game in the fighting series where you can break your opponent's bones in style. This version of the game includes the base title Mortal Kombat X along with both Kombat Pack DLC packages. Mortal Kombat XL can be bought for £7.49 ($10.70), a 75% discount.

Finally, Killing Floor 2 (Our Preview) is £7.99 ($11.42), 60% off its usual price. This game places you and up to five other people in a hectic battle for survival against oncomings waves of horrifying monsters who would love to chomp you to bits. Pick from one of ten different Perk classes, each with their own unique abilities and weapons of choice. You can also grab the Digital Deluxe Edition for the same percentage discount at £10.80 ($15.44) - it includes some bonus cosmetics and a copy of the original Killing Floor (Our Review).

Disclosure: Gamesplanet works with TechRaptor for affiliate partnership, and TechRaptor earns a small commission off purchases made from links in this article.

There are lots more deals to check out in the Gamesplanet Spring Sale - head on over to their site and check out the deals!

What do you think of the games on sale in the Gameplanet Spring Sale? Are there any particularly good discounts you've noticed? Let us know in the comments below!

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