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Gamesplanet Xmas Deals Part 4 — RE2 Remake, Mega Man 11, and More!

Published: December 16, 2019 8:00 AM /



Christmas discounts continue with the Gamesplanet Xmas Deals Part 4!

If you've never used Gamesplanet, you've missed out on a fine third-party retailer of games across multiple platforms. Like many digital game distributors, they're having a sale — and the Gamesplanet Xmas Deals Part 4 has a particular focus on remakes and revivals of some of our favorite classic games.

As we usually do, we've picked out a handful of games we like that you can (and should) grab at a discount while you can. Let's dive into the Gamesplanet Xmas Deals Part 4!

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Our Gamesplanet Xmas Deals Part 4 Picks

We've chosen a variety of five games for our Gamesplanet Xmas Deals Part 4 highlights, featuring a mix of revivals, remakes, and one particular thing that's entirely new.

Deliver Us The Moon

$18.99 (24% off) — Our Review

Set in the near future, humanity has run out of power and relies on a powerful generator on the moon to beam down electricity to Earth to keep the lights on. Unfortunately, the moon base stopped transmitting some time ago and no one knows why.

You've taken up the job of making your way up to the moon under mysterious conditions. Sure, you'll launch a spaceship — but you won't have mission control guiding you or hundreds of people helping you solve the problems ahead. It's up to you and you alone to get your ship in the air, make it to the moon, and restore the flow of power to Earth.

Deliver Us The Moon is a game that had a troubled development, but the developers finally managed to get it together in the end. It's an excellent cinematic experience with intriguing puzzles that make for a good way to spend an evening.

Mega Man 11

$14.99 (50% off) — Our Review

Mighty No. 9 tried its best to unseat Mega Man as the king of robots, but it didn't have the best time of it. Now, the Blue Bomber is back in Mega Man 11, a brand-new entry in the iconic 2D platforming franchise.

That's not to say it's stuck in the past — the graphics of this relatively new game look rather modern indeed! A delightful cartoonish style keeps things fresh while paying homage to the original pixelated games of the NES era. Fight your way through all-new levels facing classic enemies and brand-new bosses!

Resident Evil 2 Remake

$16.99 (72% off) — Our Review

I was always more of a Silent Hill kid myself, but fans of survival horror will nonetheless find something to love in the Resident Evil 2 remake. There are various arguments about when the series headed towards a decline, but I think it's generally agreed that the first three games were pretty darn solid. Now, you can enjoy the second game with a shiny new coat of paint!

Raccoon City is having a very bad day. Strange creatures are roaming the streets and no one really knows what's going on. Take on the role of rookie police officer Leon Kennedy or college student Claire Redfield as they try to uncover the mystery of the malignant monsters of Raccoon City!

Two Point Hospital

$9.99 (71% off) — Our Review

There are tons of realistic simulators out there in the world for everything from farming to flying to running a hospital. This falls into the latter category — although it's far from realistic.

In Two Point County, the residents are being affected by strange diseases. Some are coming in feeling lightheaded, and by that I mean their head has turned into a literal lightbulb. Or perhaps a Pandemic will break out and people will find themselves with cookware on their heads.

In any case, the only cure is just as weird (if not weirder) than the diseases, and you'll get to build and manage more than a dozen hospitals from the ground up. If you enjoyed its spiritual predecessor Theme Hospital, then this is the game for you!

Wolfenstein: The New Order

$5.99 (70% off) — Our Review

The Man in the High Castle is killing it on Amazon Prime right now, but this franchise revival beat it to the punch by almost a year. Hard-as-nails soldier B.J. Blazkowicz gets knocked out and lays in a coma for over a decade, awakening to find — much to his horror — that the Nazis have won. He is, suffice it to say, not too happy about the whole thing.

This revival of the Wolfenstein franchise largely ditches the magical elements from the earlier remakes and focuses more on the science fiction bits. Load up on all sorts of crazy weapons, dual-wield assault rifles because America, and kick some Nazi ass on Earth, the Moon, and anywhere else they're dumb enough to show their faces.

That's the end of our highlights for the Gamesplanet Xmas Deals Part 4, but there's plenty more to see! Go ahead and check out the other great deals in the Gamesplanet Xmas Deals Part 4 before they're gone for good!

Disclosure: Gamesplanet works with TechRaptor for affiliate partnership, and TechRaptor earns a small commission off purchases made from some links in this article.

Which of the remakes we've highlighted is your favorite? What other classic franchises do you hope to see get a revival in the near future? Let us know in the comments below!