Gamesplanet Xmas Deals Part 3 — Vampyr, DOOM, and More!

Published: December 9, 2019 12:30 PM /


Gamesplanet Xmas Deals Part 3 cover

The Gamesplanet Xmas Deals Part 3 sale is here, bringing some pretty darn good discounts for PC gamers.

Gamesplanet is a pretty great site that often has some excellent discounts. With the holiday season upon us, a whole bunch of games are available at practically fire sale prices, so now's as good a time as any to snap up some fun games without breaking the bank!

As always, we'll be highlighting some of our favorites — let's check out our picks for the Gamesplanet Xmas Deals Part 3!

Gamesplanet Xmas Deals Part 3 games

Our Gamesplanet Xmas Deals Part 3 Picks

We've selected five games to highlight for the Gamesplanet Xmas Deals Part 3. There's a little something for everyone in our picks, unless you like nerd stuff like 4X games — then you're out of luck.

Call of Cthulhu

$16.99 (58% off) — Our Review

A longstanding pen and paper R PG, Call of Cthulu finally gets the video game treatment. Based on the mythos of H.P. Lovecraft, you are the only thing that stands between the mortal realm and utter devastation.

In the mid 1920s, a private investigator by the name of Pierce must uncover the mystery of the Hawkins family's  death on Darkwater Island. You'll have to do your best to figure out what happened while dodging cultists, evading cosmic horrors, and keeping your sanity.


$5.99 (70% off) — Our Review

Do you hate demons? Do you like guns? Do you like shooting demons with guns? Then boy, do I have a game for you.

While DOOM wasn't the first game in the first-person shooter genre, it was undeniably one of the most iconic — so much so that some of the FPS games to come after it were referred to as "DOOM clones". Yeah, it was that influential.

Now, DOOM has gotten the modern treatment and the Gamesplanet Xmas Deals Part 3 has the first modern revival on sale at a pretty fantastic discount. With the impending release of DOOM Eternal, it's never been a better time to pick this game up — and it's practically a steal at only $5.99.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War - Definitive Edition

$11.99 (80% off) — Our Review

The Lord of the Rings was immensely popular, but only the diehard Tolkien nerds know about the massive amount of texts written by the author of this epic trilogy. Middle-earth is a fantastic setting, and Shadow of War puts players smack in the middle of this chaotic world.

Best of all, this isn't just the base game for less than twelve bucks — it also includes the following DLC:

  • Slaughter Tribe Nemesis Expansion
  • Outlaw Tribe Nemesis Expansion
  • Blade of Galadriel Story Expansion
  • Desolation of Mordor Story Expansion


$15.50 (74% off) — Our Review

A tale of souls and s words, eternally retold. This is probably the premier fighting game that also happens to have weapons, building on decades of experience making 3D fighting games. This entry in the SOULCALIBUR franchise also happens to feature Geralt from The Witcher and 2B from NieR: Automata as guest fighters, so that's pretty dartn neat.

As with most modern fighting games, there's some DLC to pick up as well, both of which are also discounted:

  • SOULCALIBUR VI Season Pass
    • Season Pass Bonus:
      • Additional Playable Character: Tira
    • Content included in the Season Pass:
      • Playable Character: 2B
      • Character Creation Set A
      • Playable Character: Amy
      • Character Creation Set B
      • Playable Character: Cassandra
  • SOULCALIBUR VI Season Pass 2
    • Season Pass 2 Bonus:
      •  Additional Music Tracks
        • Music from SOULCALIBUR IV - 25 tracks
        • Music from SOULCALIBUR V - 28 tracks
    • Content included in Season Pass 2:
      •  Playable Character: Hilde
      •  Character Creation Set C
      •  Playable Character: Haohmaru
      •  Character Creation Set D
      •  Playable Character: ???
      •  Character Creation Set E
      •  Playable Character: ???
      •  Character Creation Set F


$16.99 (66% off) — Our Review

In late 1910's London, you take on the role of Dr. Jonathan Reid. Dr. Reid isn't particularly exceptional save for the fact that he's recently been turned into a vampire.

A flu epidemic has broken out, threatening the populace and the city at large. You must balance doing your work to cure the sick while also trying to sate your otherworldly hunger for blood.

And that's it for our picks from the Gamesplanet Xmas Deals Part 3! You have a little less than a week to take advantage of these deals, so don't delay! And while you're at it, you should go ahead and check out all of the other fantastic deals they have going on this week!

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What do you think of the games we highlighted in the Gamesplanet Xmas Deals Part 3? What games do you hope to see go on sale? Let us know in the comments below!