Gamesplanet 15th Anniversary Sale Kicks Off With Horror & Zombies

Published: February 19, 2021 10:46 AM /


Gamesplanet 15th Anniversary Sale Key Art

Happy Birthday to Gamesplanet. They turning 15-years-old soon, so to celebrate they're be throwing multiple sales to give some huge discounts to gamers, with each sale themed around a different genre or topic. First up, the Gamesplanet 15th Anniversary Sale: Horror & Zombies.

Gamesplanet 15th Anniversary Sale: Horror & Zombies

There are some insane savings across some of gaming's most famous horror franchises, including up to 80% off of the Resident Evil franchise. Right now, you can get your hands on the Resident Evil 2 remake for as little as $12.80, or $14.99 for the Deluxe Edition. If you fancy something a little further back in the series' timeline you can get your hands on Resident Evil Zero for only $3.99, or the Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition for the same price. 

There are also savings on other Capcom horror titles, such as the excellent Dead Rising series, with Dead Rising 4 at a staggering 77% off, and its Season Pass at 75% off. There's never been a better time to reacquaint yourself with Frank West. 

Bandai Namco And Bethesda

Capcom isn't the only company with some classic horror titles on offer, Bandai Namco is offering savings from Dark Souls to Little Nightmares and everything in-between. You can get the newly-released Little Nightmares II for a decent 10% discount, making it only $35.99 despite being out for just a few months. Despite not necessarily being what you'd call a horror franchise (or maybe you would, I've seen The Rotten) Dark Souls is also making a strong showing, with a 77% discount making Dark Souls III only $13.50, and its DLC only $11.00

Bethesda games are also up for some deep discounts, the Doom franchise, in particular, is making a strong showing in the sale. You can get Doom, Doom IIand Doom 3 all for less than $2 each. Perhaps the most impressive is Doom Eternal, discounted by 67% to make it only $19.80. If you prefer your horror less metal and more "aaaaaaaah!" then you can get The Evil Within for $3.99, and The Evil Withing II for $11.99. 

Deep Silver, Techland, and Focus Home Interactive

From Deep Silver, Dead Island and Metro Exodus are available at some heavy discounts, costing $4.99 and $15.99 respectively. If you'd prefer the spiritual successor to Dead Island, Techland's Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition is 72% off at only $16.79. You can also buy some of the game's DLC and expansion if you already own the base game, with Dying Light: Hellraid at $8.99, the Volkan Combat Armor at $2.69, or the game's Season Pass for $9.99. 

There are also some discounts on a couple of Focus Home Interactive's titles, including a 78% discount on Call of Cthulhu and 75% off Fear the Wolves. This barely scratches the surface of the games on offer, with titles like Maneater down to $23.77, Alan Wake's American Nightmare at $3.99, and Hellpoint available for $24.99. 

You can check out these deals on the Gamesplanet 15th Anniversary Sale page. Part 1 of the sale is running from now until February 26th, and if you buy a game in the sale you can also get Ultimate Zombie Defence as a free gift, all you have to do is enter the code ZOMFREE at checkout, just remember, it only works if you've bought games in the games in the Horror & Zombies sale. 


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