Fanatical Running Special Sale This Weekend To Support Australia WWF Efforts

Published: January 24, 2020 12:21 PM /



Australian bushfires start off since June 2019, and since then, its damages have almost been uncountable. The fire managed to burn down over 18 million hectares, destroying thousands of homes, injuring millions of animals, and putting certain species on the brink of extinction after demolishing their only suitable natural habitat. The cause moved a lot around the world, and a number of video game development studios took initiatives to raise awareness on the severity of the fires and encourage people to donate.

Fanatical's home page will display the titles available for sale, which includes the likes of RiME, DOOM, Prey, Dishonored 2, and many more. The sale goes live on 12PM GMT on Sunday 26th January 2020 (Australia Day), and will be available for the 48 hours after. Some of the most prominent deals will include:

Fanatical, one of the leading entertainment digital retailer platforms, have announced certain titles' proceedings from the ongoing sale will go to the World Wide Fund for Nature’s (WWF) appeal. Managing Director, Craig Johnson, expressed his sympathy to everyone affected by the fires, and felt the urge to contribute to what WWF is doing to help. He continued to thank the developers and publishers who agreed for their titles' sales to go towards the initiative.

Given the recent devastang events in Australia, in which over one billion animals are thought to have died in the horrific wildfires, we felt compelled to do our bit to help. This Sunday, we will have a number of officially licensed Steam games available to purchase, and the proceeds made from these specific games will be donated to WWF’s valiant campaign to mend a country that has suffered truly catastrophic events.

We’d like to take this opportunity to also thank our partners THQ Nordic, TinyBuild, Rockfish Games, Autumn Games, Sleepy Duck, Bethesda, 505 Games, Flazm, Six Foot and Genba Digital for supporting this very special fund-raiser by offering their proceeds in a line-up of brilliant games.

Various game developers took it upon themselves to help those affected in Australia. Activision pledged all their Outback Relief cosmetic pack earnings to help charities, and Bungie put out a special shirt. Crytivo showed their support through donating Universim units sold through their website to Australia relief efforts for the next two months. It doesn't stop there as even individual industry personnel started the "Game Devs For Fireys" movement to try and help as much as they can. Last but not least, Nippon Marathon developer Onion Soup Interactive donated 100% of the profits from their game's sales for around a week.

Let us know if you took part in any charity work or donated to the Australian bushfire victims, and what title are you most looking forward to pick up from Fanatical's sale or hope is part of it