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Published: September 13, 2019 1:30 PM /


humble end of summer sale encore endless space

Do you like free games? Of course you do. Right now, Endless Space Collection is free to keep as part of the Humble End Of Summer Sale Encore. The collection includes the base game and its expansion pack Disharmony. For the low, low price of free, you can't really go wrong even if you're not a fan, so check it out!

Once you've grabbed your free game, there's still plenty to check out in the sale. Humble has games from Ubisoft, Rockstar, and Capcom up for grabs among many, many others. If you're a big PC gamer and you need something to do to tide you over until winter, you could do much worse than this sale. Let's take a look at some of the games on offer.

Humble End Of Summer Sale Encore - Ubisoft

Everyone's favorite French publisher has games aplenty up for grabs in this Humble sale. Far Cry 5 (67% off) is a brave and exciting open-world game that takes some bold steps forward for its genre. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Gold Edition (60% off) has plenty for history enthusiasts and action-RPG fans alike. Whimsical and underrated RPG Child of Light (66% off) should put a smile on the face of even the most jaded gamer, as should the truly excellent platformer Rayman Legends (75% off). Go check out the Ubisoft section of the Humble End Of Summer Sale Encore for even more great deals.

Humble End Of Summer Sale Encore - Rockstar

Rockstar is well-known for its peerless genre-hopping games, and there are lots of them in this Humble sale. Naturally, you can grab Grand Theft Auto V (44% off) at an appropriately outrageous price. Some might even call it a steal (hem, hem). If you're more in the mood for some atmospheric detective fiction, check out L.A. Noire (65% off). Continuing on that theme, Max Payne (65% off) and its sequel (also 65% off) are still great noir yarns.

Humble End Of Summer Sale Encore - Capcom

For ridiculous action spectacle and great horror, look no further than Capcom's corner of the Humble End Of Summer Sale Encore. Bionic Commando (80% off) is worth the price of entry for some truly jaw-dropping narrative moments. Dead Rising 2 Complete Pack (70% off) has yet to be topped for the franchise's characteristic zombie-killing action. Much-maligned reboot DmC: Devil May Cry (75% off) still offers up some stylish and sleek combat, and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (50% off) successfully reboots its ailing series with a truly terrifying tale of monsters and madness.

There's a frankly embarrassing amount of stuff up for sale in the Humble End Of Summer Sale Encore, so make sure you check it out. While you're there, subscribe to Humble Monthly for your copy of BattleTech, plus more games to come on October 4th.

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What will you be grabbing in the Humble End Of Summer Sale Encore? Let us know in the comments below!

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