D2D Deals 3/20-3/24: Dishonored, Mafia III, 2K Games and more!

Published: March 20, 2017 11:59 PM /


D2D Sale 32017

The Spring season is here, and many wish to frolic and celebrate in the greening grasses, but for those snowed in or just wanting some quiet time, it's a fine time to be out deal shopping for games on the digital market right now. While Steam is sitting it out, many other retailers have some sort of Spring Sale either concluded or just coming into stride like Direct2Drive.

Their sale, while not breaking new ground in new prices for many games, does offer plenty of good and solid deals for those who have been looking or have missed deals in the past. It also has a plethora of AAA games from 2K, Rockstar, and Bethesda, with many AA games from companies like Daedalic, THQ Nordic, Deep Silver, and Koei Tecmo.

Mafia III (Our Review) is on one of it's best deals at 50% off on PC, making it only $30 right now, and while it has been a bit cheaper on several occasions it is a good deal overall. Similarly, Grand Theft Auto V is also 50% off at $30.00, which appears to be the new standard sale price for the game going forward.

Battleborn (Our Review) is also near a low, so if you'd been waiting for the game to hit a low price, the 77% off $6.90 deal might be enough to be worthwhile. Another shooter from that time frame that had some known issues was Homefront: The Revolution, which has seen some fixes and work since it's release. It's now 75% off putting it at a low $10.

One of the few all time lows, appears to be the Fallout 4 Season Pass, as that is 50% off for only $25, instead of its normal $50. The main game is also half off, although that is not the best deal that has been seen for it. Dishonored 2 (Our Review) also hit one of its lower prices with a 33% off discount putting it at $40.19, making it worth looking at.

There are a bunch of other games on sale, including numerous Daedalic adventure gamesAlone in the Dark: Illiumination (A new low price for this new low in the franchise), DOOMQuantum BreakKilling Floor 2 and many more.

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2K Games (3/17-4/2)

Rockstar Games (3/20-3/24)

Bethesda Games (3/20-3/24)

  • DOOM (50%) - $30.00

Deep Silver Games (3/20-3/24)

Koei Tecmo Games (3/20-3/24)

THQ Nordic Games (3/20-3/24)

Daedalic Entertainment Games (3/20-3/24)

Dovetail Games Games (3/20-3/24)

KISS Ltd Games Games (3/20-3/24)

  • Ohr (25%) - $4.49

Atari Games (3/20-3/24)

Iceberg Interactive Games (3/20-3/24)

Libreda Games (3/20-3/24)

Encore Games (3/20-3/24)

Viva Media Games (3/20-3/24)

Double Eleven Games (3/20-3/24)

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Do any of these deals interest you? What games would you like to see on sale? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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