Cheapest Alienware Aurora is $733 in Dell's Memorial Day Sale

Published: May 27, 2017 10:11 PM /



Dell's Memorial Day sale went live earlier this week with site-wide discounts on the majority of their laptops and desktop lineup - even on the illustrious Alienware Aurora gaming desktops. Rarely do these pricey Alienware PCs go on sale at a reasonable price, so it was very surprising to see discounts on some of their higher-end machines up to $374 off after coupon. At the specs they have, we are actually seeing fair market prices for the specifications/components Dell is throwing in these Aurora gaming desktops (for the Core i7-7700 model with a GTX 1070).

Three configurations of the Alienware Aurora really stand out in the sale. They range from a higher-end model with a GTX 1070 GPU(with the largest percentage savings) to the base configurations going as cheap as $733.99 with a Radeon RX 560 (a rebranded RX 460 beefed up with higher clock speed). All models below come with the latest Intel 7th Gen "Kaby Lake" processors. One thing to remember is that with the GTX 1000 line, Nvidia has made all the labels on their GPUs the same, so unlike the last generation of GPUs, a 1070 here is the same as a desktop 1070.

Alienware Aurora Deals

Use Code: 50OFF699 Update: Looks like the $50 off coupon is already dead, making all the prices above more expensive by $50. By our calculation, the higher models are still at a good price point - particularly the GTX 1060 equipped model at $899.

All deals will require you to enter coupon code 50OFF699 at checkout. These offers are valid now through Memorial Day, May 29 or until supplies last.

The cheapest Alienware Aurora is a new machine recently released with a Radeon RX 560 video card. For those only familiar with Nvidia GPUs, the new RX560 is about on par with a GTX 1050 with a bit less performance than the $849 priced Aurora with a GTX 1060. Depending on the title you're playing, springing an extra $100 may be worth it to step up to the model with a GTX 1060.

The mid ranged Alienware Aurora is an excellent balance for those in the market for a gaming desktop capable of cranking out the latest 2017 games on the respectable settings in 1080p. The Aurora with a Core i5-7400 processor and GTX 1060 video card finally broke the $1,000 mark and is now only $849.99, or $250 off its usual $1,100 list price (which is quite overpriced though unexpected for Alienware machines).

For even better performance is the Alienware Aurora with a beefy GTX 1070 and 16GB RAM. This higher-end Alienware Aurora has a list price of $1,550, but after the Memorial Day instant savings + coupon discount you're paying $350 less.

The real value here is how much it would cost you to build your own desktop with these specs. For the GTX 1070 Alienware Aurora, you're looking at least $1,200 in parts when bought separately at good prices online. If you're shopping for an Alienware for whatever reason, we think there are some value when buying pre-built vs building a system yourself. The GTX 1060 machine also comes with good value, as the said parts add up to around $950 (compared to the $850 at Dell). Finally, if Alienware isn't your forte - this roundup of deals may be a moot exercise, but it does give a glimpse of how these can become reasonable and "cheap" during seasonal sales period.

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